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Show me what you got” is an iconic quote from one of the countless episodes of Rick & Morty. Stepping up to the stage, Blanke shows us what he’s got with his new track – “Shadow.”

Announcing just the other day through DeadBeats, Blanke is set to release a brand-new EP Change & Decay 2: The Fall. This EP will follow up its predecessor, Change & Decay, which was released back in 2019. 

Blanke gives us a sweet slice of cake with “Shadow.” The first Change & Decay EP has various themes laid across it. Those themes are a range of emotions and genres blended with aggression, loss, and pure ecstasy. Which Blanke then takes and creates an emotional refuge and space of comfort. 


“Shadow” is a ticking time bomb full of energetic dance grooves, electro synths, and a dashing atmosphere that breaks the roof on his already outstandingly high production skills. 

Blanke creates an electric atmosphere at the start of “Shadow,” which then climaxes into an insane drop. By counting down the drop, we hear a sound design that is unique when it comes to the hard-hitting electronic genre. 

Although “Shadow” is just one track Blanke is giving us, we know for a fact that he is about to break the scoreboard with his upcoming EP. Stay tuned, folks, because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. 

Stream ‘Shadow’ by Blanke down below – out now on DeadBeats!

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