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DJ Benzi came back to scramble our minds with “Dude Trapz Vol. 2“, a stacked 44-minute mix with a Lil’ Jon opening that should have prepared us for the filth that follows. Presented by “pre-workout and human growth hormones,” this steroid-sounding mix transcends genre into a space of its own.

The best way I can describe this mix is if someone took your brain, threw it in a blender, dropped in just a splash of oat milk {as a treat} and let it rip.

Almost every second has mind-flurrying sonic layers, and his transitions are some of the smoothest I’ve heard. It’s difficult to blend house, trap, and almost metallic bass from one minute to the next. Benzi, however, wanted us to know that he’s a veteran to this game.

Somehow, Benzi destroyed all ideas of what it means to conform to one genre in just 45 minutes.

Not only does he feature rap and hip hop greats like Drake, Future & DaBaby, but he also pulls in trap titans RL Grime, QUIX, Flosstradamus, and bass behemoths like Peekaboo, Nitti Gritti, G Jones, & Krilla.

He did not come to play on this mix, giving us hard bass and nearly indigestible trap beats that catapult you into a frenzy. Per Benzi,

“slam some pre-workout, turn on this mix, and watch the gains pour in.”

Surprisingly enough, Benzi just started producing original tracks in 2019, but his Girl Trapz series dates back to 2012. Girl Trapz is a 16-strong compilation of mixes that he created for the ladies, fusing the most lovable of pop and r&b hits with banging beats. He branched out with the Dude Trapz mixes, evolving the former series into a more high-energy, gutsy rap-fueled collection. Benzi has his own show on Sirius/XM radio, #BANGUERS with BENZI, and has residency on the widely known BBC1 program Diplo & Friends

If you wanna transcend all boundaries, bust it down, and have a permanent bass face on, go get ripped to “Dude Trapz Vol. 2”.

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