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As we welcome in the new year, we have our eyes (and ears) open for breakout talent of 2021. So far, that’s looking like Sampson.

The next house phenom, Sampson., first scratched the surface in June of 2020 when a playlist of his unreleased music caught the eye of Dirtybird for an equal opportunity scholarship. The scholarship, funded by Dirtybird and Beat Lab Academy, was created to support diversity in dance music, along with offering 6 months worth of production classes and personalized mentoring. One of these scholarships was rightfully given to Sampson.

A deserving recipient, Sampson. knew what he had been presented with and didn’t take it for granted.

Coming from Los Angeles as a hometown football player and student, Sampson. had grown up being exposed to a colorful background of music. By the age of nine, he had already experimented in being a scratch DJ, as well as becoming a self taught drummer and piano player. High school was when Sampson. initially looked into music production, but it wasn’t until attending CRSSD in 2016 and discovering Dirtybird that he knew it was what he wanted, and needed, to do. Jumping into the deep end and not looking back, Sampson. was devoted to house music.

Since then, Sampson. has made strides in his music career, not giving any room to let up the momentum.

Finally, fast forward to October of 2020, he joined artists like Eprom and Honeycomb on the lineup for Dirtybird Couchout. More recently, he also played the Dirtybird Holidaze livestream in December. Both times, the house connoisseur has shown us exactly what he’s made of.

My sound resides on the dirtier side of the house genre, with low subs, spacey synths, and washed minimal vocals taking center stage. Outside of house music I take influence from bass-heavy west coast and southern rap, funk, reggae, and soul. My aim is to create an energy that’ll have you bouncing your butt, breaking your neck, and making your nastiest thizz face late into the night.

– Sampson.

Butt bouncing, neck breaking, nasty thizz face? Copy that. Sampson. is at the top of our artists to watch list, and we have a hunch we won’t be alone in that feeling. Check out his Dirtybird Holidaze set below and you’ll see exactly why!

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