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The psychedelic-bass pioneer Liquid Stranger returns with a star-studded remix pack of “Psychonaut.” The WAKAAN head honcho enlisted 8 out-of-this-world producers to rework the powerhouse track. The Psychonaut (Remixes) EP lands this Friday, featuring Mersiv, LUZCID, and more. In the meantime, we are thrilled to bring you an exclusive Electric Hawk premiere of “Psychonaut (AstroLizard Remix).”

AstroLizard’s “Psychonaut” remix is finely tuned.

From start to finish, AstroLizard brings a completely fresh twist to “Psychonaut.” The bass is jarring, the energy is high, and the array of incongruous noises perfectly mesh together. The puzzling, yet impressive, display of variety reflects the enigmatic producer. When we stop for a moment to think if we have ever really even heard of AstroLizard, we realize… we uhh, haven’t. Liquid Stranger recruited AstroLizard for a reason though, right?

So wait, who is AstroLizard?

After hearing the mysterious producer’s skilled “Psychonaut” remix, we began to wonder. But, with seemingly no streaming platform profiles and hardly any social media content, it is hard to keep tabs on AstroLizard. Although, with a track out on WAKAAN now, this individual surely must be one to keep on our radar!

AstroLizard’s first Instagram post.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to find out who AstroLizard is. Could this be an alias or side project of an artist we are already familiar with? Or maybe just a whole new artist to know and love. Regardless, AstroLizard’s “Psychonaut” remix caught our attention and we had to share! And, if this is their first remix, we cannot imagine what is to come.

Do not sleep on our exclusive premiere of “Psychonaut (AstroLizard Remix).” And be sure to pre-save the entire Psychonaut (Remixes) EP from Liquid Stranger here.

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