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This Christmas, CAMBOT delivers a gift for all to enjoy with the release of his CYCLES EP. A member of the Lost Dogz collective, it comes as no surprise that CAMBOT is a master of sound design. His debut EP showcases different moods and his skills for impactful yet subtle composition.

When my computer conked out it was definitely heartbreaking, because I couldn’t out the finishing touches I wanted to. After I calmed down enough, I realized these were still meant to be heard and invoke the feelings I’ve felt over the past year.


This year, many of us have turned to our passions for comfort in the midst of misfortune. So, fans were that much more excited when CAMBOT mentioned working on his debut EP in early August. However, he later tweeted that his computer had broken – a major hindrance for any electronic music producer. A couple of months later, CAMBOT received news disappointing beyond words; he could not recover data from the broken computer on top of a missing hard drive.

Time and again, the universe has thrown obstacles at CAMBOT inhibiting his progress on the CYCLES EP. Despite all this, he still delivers the gift of his debut EP, and it’s a wonky work of art.

Cover art designed by Liz Weickum

“Everything is in a cycle that is beautiful within itself.” – CAMBOT

“Sunrise” opens up the EP like the warm sun shining through the bedroom window on Saturday morning. Halfway through, a rhythm with ascending tones indicates a change in mood – a scheming sort of energy takes over and is maintained in some capacity throughout the EP.

“Golden Hour” follows with an almost mischievous vibe. The staccato melody radiates similar sunshine energy as portrayed in “Sunrise.” This song is perfect for an afternoon car ride, on the way to bool with the homies.

As day transitions into night, “Dusk” introduces some deeper darkness to the CYCLES EP. This track mirrors some of the unsettling uncertainty that can come with night time. “Dusk” is composed in such a way that feels like the stillness of sunset, but with the creeping, incoming unknown of night.

In “Full Moon (ft. Brio),” CAMBOT manipulates Brio’s vocals to create an air that’s both a little freaky and a little mysterious. It matches walking around in a forest while moonlight shine. “Full Moon (ft. Brio)” is perfect for cooking up a witches brew underneath the full moon with the coven.

All in all, CAMBOT knocks it out of the park with his debut EP; the CYCLES EP is badass. Take it from us, this one is going to be on repeat for a while.

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