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Our favorite Australian queen is back to shake up the music world. Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan have teamed up to release a brand new hit, “Anything.” Released on Diplo’s Mad Decent Record Label, “Anything” is everything fans have ever wanted and more. 

Alison Wonderland is known for releasing powerful singles and albums that capture the heart and souls of many. Earlier this year, she released “Bad Things,” which has a very futuristic spin to it. Comparing her sound from she first started, Alison has truly shown the world how much she has grown – both as a person and an artist. 

Alison Wonderland Anything
Valentino Khan & Alison Wonderland

Valentino Khan has also been busy this year. From releasing his EP French Fried just last month to remixing various hits, he has been on a roll. He joined forces with Alison back in 2018 when he remixed “Good Enough.”

Alison and Valentino are two very different artists, but together, they are the perfect combination. Mixing their respective styles, fans can hear a deep house groove that’s perfect for 2020. Alison offers up her soulful vocals to have Valentino blend in dreamy synths. 

Stream “Anything” Down Below – out now on Mad Decent Records!

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