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Ending the year scorching hot, Uprising, the Australian bass producer, has delivered a bewitching new project—the Returned To Dust EP. On this EP are three power tracks, providing grit, mystery, and straight-up girth. Uprising’s Returned To Dust EP is out now on VALE, a music label where they are in the business of pushing the envelope in sound.

The multi-talented sound bender curates the Returned To Dust EP experience with cinematic tones, smooth track transition, and eye-opening production.

Uprising’s halftime harmonies on Returned To Dust tell a story of a world that was “once teeming with life” and “a planet lays in ash upon the arrival of an unexpected visitor.” Get an insight on that story, below.

Returned To Dust

First, the title track begins with menacing string instruments—dark, yet somewhat soothing. Quickly, loud alien bass interrupts the peace, bringing a gnarly halftime beat and textured synths with it. The drums and cymbals kick strong, bringing security to the beat while flying sounds of beautiful chaos continue all around.


And seamlessly, we flow into “Fuming,” which chills listeners to the bone with a jarring cinematic introduction and rattling bass. The unique manipulated gritty sounds and aggressive vocal samples Uprising bring in “Fuming” sound blissfully reminiscent of Moody Good‘s iconic MTGFYT album. In the fallout of the bass, we are carried into the final destination.


Sinking, surrounded in clouded ambiance and pressure, eventually we come back into reality. Bells begin to chime, angelic warmth fills your body, but there’s still something off; something dark is lurking. The beat builds up, and with raspy, winding, electric energy, the “Voltaic-Whip” is born.

Phew, what a ride! Uprising is a blossoming producer with a diverse discography, as well as a crisp, complimentary, and cohesive sound. Be sure to download the Returned To Dust EP & show Uprising some love!

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