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The newest addition to our artist roster, Zingara, has the solution to your Mercury-in-Retrograde problems. Zingara has teamed up with friends Notorious Nick and ROYALFLU$H on her latest astral-trap offering, “The 12th Density.”

Zingara The 12th Density Electric Hawk
Zingara via MGMT (Tate Jordan)

“The 12th Density” showcases everything Zingara is capable of and more!

The power of this track is undeniable. Zingara draws listeners in from the start with enlightenment through spoken words. Meanwhile, the energetic, vibrant, and striking bass trickles in. Then, towards the final half, “The 12th Density” pulls trap influences from all three of the collaborators’ roots. And, of course, the words of raising vibrations and manifesting are still spoken throughout. Certainly, Zingara, Notorious Nick, and ROYALFLU$H created a festival-worthy heater, that we are giddy to eventually hear live.

The 12th Density is the highest vibration a soul can achieve. My goal for this track is to open up my audience to the power of manifesting while also incorporating my love for bass music.


In addition to the track, Zingara offers up a music video that you do not want to skip past.

In the same vein as the track itself, the video is dynamic and captivating. So basically, this is some real Hawk Girl sh*t.The video features flow artists of all kinds, manifesting their passions. And Zingara even is accompanied by a little scaly friend, thanks to Wildlife Adventures. Above all, the message of “The 12th Density” video is, “anything you want happens.”

“The 12th Density” Music Video. Filmed by: Trevor Money Produced & Edited by: Gabrielle Mirabile

In short, we are blown away by this release. Zingara, Notorious Nick, and ROYALFLU$H can collaborate again, anytime, in our eyes. And above all, we love that Zingara is yet another female killing it in the industry!

Stream Zingara’s “The 12th Density” below!

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