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Get ready to duck and cover because Zingara and ROYALFLU$H are back with an Uzi of a new track, “The Coolest.” Being dubbed alien trap, “The Coolest” will easily get any room bumpin’ and the speakers vibrating to a higher frequency. This high-energy tune will decorate the space with nifty basslines and kicks.

Zingara and ROYALFLU$H hop out with ‘The Coolest’

First, they sample the Quavo verse from “Bad & Boujie” and fully deck it out in a profound, frenzied melody. This allows for the original hype of the song to be maintained but still keeps their trademark, other-worldly sound design.

The familiar ice on my neck spun back, sets the tone for the listener. Then, a. A subtle build-up that quickly ends by throwing the listener into a cacophony of sounds found only in a galaxy far, far away.

Zingara x ROYALFLU$H // Photo provided by Zingara

The Coolest bass-power couple, Zingara and ROYALFLU$H do not miss

This lovely duo has knocked it out of the park yet again. If you heard their previous release with Notorious Nick, you could hear the styles compliment each other and directly translate to the listener. Zingara and ROYALFLU$H are undoubtedly ones to keep an eye on in the underground.

Zingara x ROYALFLU$H // Photo provided by Zingara

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