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Maybe you didn’t get a stimmy check this round, but don’t stress, our friend Yewz is saucing out “Money” to fill our holes. His new premiere single, “Money,” out on Wubaholics, will make you feel like we’re living in a bandemic, baby. This fun, bass-heavy, dubstep track has us throwing all sorts of ass.

Yewz, also known as Chase, is well versed at producing tracks in a variety of genre niches.

Residing in Mesa, Arizona, Chase has been building a lot of positive momentum in the bass music scene, with about a dozen features out this last year! Consequently, he has been smashing follower count milestones. Yewz steals our hearts by experimenting in all areas of music; he combines influences from trap, future bass, dubstep, and more to create his own artistic flow.

“Money” is funky, full of bounce and wobble, and lets us know that Chase is here to party with us (respectfully, in the space of our own 6-foot bubbles). With a somewhat dark build-up, “Money” gets us amped real quick with hype vocal samples, wonky lead synths, and solid drums. In other words, Yewz blew us away!

Listen to the premiere of “Money” by Yewz below, OUT NOW on Wubaholics.

Connect with Yewz:
Soundcloud | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram | Discord

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Website | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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