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Eventbrite, your home base for tickets to your favorite concerts, sports events, community gatherings, and NOW THE COVID VACCINE! Although it doesn’t look like things are going so well.

Now, remember, we are music people. We are not unfamiliar with the process of waiting in long lines, and refreshing web pages to register your name for that special event. Although at the beginning of this pandemic I don’t think we thought they would be doing the same thing for… COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Florida government came up with this late last year in order to combat COVID. In their plan, they included many partners that would allow them to cover the different areas needed to help recover, including a partnership with Eventbrite.

People are Waiting Longer than Electric Forest ’19 Day 1

Let’s be frank here, we all know that Eventbrite’s platform leaves things to be desired. When combined with a local government that also leaves many things to be desired… well, that doesn’t leave us a lot to work with.

Once able to register for a vaccine slot, people were dealing with long wait times, failed loading pages and time slots quickly selling out. Don’t think we would have wished these cursed ticket battles on anyone, especially not people in search of security for their health.

Eventbrite COVID Vaccine

When thinking about it, the areas with the least amount of resources– ones in which there are often more essential workers, a larger unsheltered presence, denser architecture, and higher risk for COVID– are the ones most likely to have little to no internet. This partnership with Eventbrite has reduced accessibility of the COVID vaccine for a large part of the high-risk population.

On top of this, even the vaccines have fallen victim to the scalpers that haunt the nightmares of concert-goers everywhere. Truly, ticket scalpers have proved they have no shame during the pandemic. It seems they have been creating fake listings for the vaccine and charging people to register.

Keep Your Masks On And Stay Inside

It’s unfortunate to see people in need of a vaccine fall prey to the same issues we used to deal with for our live events. A long unaddressed issue within our community is now negatively affecting others. Hopefully, this simulated universe will deactivate and we can return to being the ones waiting in lines for things. People can leave their health with medical professionals and not… Eventbrite.

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