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Vieira is out here creating some magic with his new remix of Flume’sWall Fuck”. An iconic song, “Wall Fuck” is easily recognizable by its vocals, deep subs, and jaw-dropping leads. But let’s see what MF Vieira has up his MF sleeve with this MF remix. 

Hold up, we making love to walls?

Downtempo is the right way to make love to a wall, and that’s what Vieira had in mind when creating the “Wall Fuck” remix. Your eardrums are in for a 3-course treat. The vocals bounce back and forth in your head like a game of Wii Sports tennis. Then they drop off into the 2nd part of the song where Vieira rubs your forehead until you fall into a deep sleep. When the vocals come back in, they partner with a variety of drums and an array of intense bass samples. The New York-based producer was deadass trying to stimulate your brain in the middle of a Trader Joes to his Flume remix… Now that’s what I want in a man. 

Vieira went beyond his signature beard bass sounds and churned out a song you could sip a warm cup of tea to. He continues to tweak his style to utilize more than just bass music. And now with a Flume remix under his belt, it’s time for Vieira to go up another Super Saiyan level.

Also what do you think grows faster, Vieira’s beard, or Flume’s chia pet?

Listen to Vieira’s “Wall Fuck” remix below

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