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The uprising artist Yash Bansal returns with a phenomenal collection of tracks on his newest EP, Hell With Love, released on July 27th through KUMO Collective. Since his last EP in 2021, Yash Bansal continues making a mark with his unique sounds. Garnering an official remix with What So Not and releases through bitbird and Alter/Ego, Yash Bansal’s name is truly shining in the limelight. Now with this new collection of tracks, Yash Bansal sparkles with authenticity through his relatable lyrics and dazzling production.

Yash Bansal Hell With Love Artwork
Credits: Photo – Antony // Edit – 6amsunset

Creating this EP has been a journey and a half. It has brought me so much joy and allowed me to reflect on so many things that have helped me to grow as an artist but also a person. This EP contains every ounce of who I am and the journey I’ve been on. Once you look past the shiny production and dig deep into the words I am singing, you will find a lost soul dancing through its problems. I hope when people listen to this project, they can relate to that and hopefully it can help them on their journey in whatever way that might be.”

Yash Bansal

Anyone can fall into the vulnerability of saying Hell With Love

Ready to take us on a rollercoaster of emotions, Yash Bansal begins the euphoric journey with “Hypoxia.” Its metallic elements and crashing drums follow us around until we reach a massive release of temperament crashing on us. All the while, we feel the rush of chromatic pieces brush our skin and the sense of bittersweetness that comes with loving. Throughout the iridescent clanging and gleaming vocals, we brace ourselves for what is next.

yash bansal hell with love
Photo credits: Antony

This time, Yash Bansal invites us to not “Hide the Pain” anymore, despite the longingness of wanting to avoid the stinging emotions. Instead of avoiding the pain that lingers within all of us, the track gives us an opportunity to relinquish the toxic crystals formed inside. Through an extreme wave of glittering and lively production, Yash Bansal’s lyrics showcase a more vulnerable side of himself for us. As the genuineness of the words flows in the background, we feel the weight of our pain vanish. After some time, the agony inside doesn’t seem to consume us anymore; we finally feel some peace of mind.

And with peace of mind comes true healing!

Once we feel this new sense of serenity, it’s time to fully work through the final longing emotion: love. “Hell With Love” is a sophisticated melody for the ones that truly have experienced the true highs and lows of love. With the emotional vocals from Yash Bansal, the rawness reminds us of the beauty that comes with being human. Sometimes, we need this reminder that the elegant gift of being alive is enduring and experiencing all these emotions. Although there is some deep darkness that can come with it, “Hell With Love” radiates past it with its bright synths and glossy production.

To conclude the EP, Yash Bansal leaves us with a message as we return to reality. “Here’s Hoping” brings forth the fluttering and dazzling production, typing it up in a package to carry with us. Throughout the whole journey, we continue holding these new ideals of hope as we push through the elements of everyday life. Despite all the hopelessness, loneliness, and romantic disappointments, there is always hope to look for. “Here’s Hoping” concludes the EP with another burst of prismatic and vivid melodies that twinkle within our atmosphere. Bansal closes the track with his soothing vocals while we quietly return to reality.

Yash Bansal radiates through the crowd and showcases a bright future for himself

Naturally, Yash Bansal encapsulates the emotions of being vulnerable and fully grasping all the emotions rather than burying them inside. Hell With Love delivers the audience a dazzling package that allows anyone to escape through the veil to find that radiant light. Yash Bansal becomes that sparkling light for others with Hell With Love while giving the audience a journey of hope to guide them through the toughest days. Nonetheless, the EP reminds us to just dance through the problems, and everything will be okay in the end.

Through everything, Yash Bansal holds a place on Electric Hawk’s radar as we continue admiring whatever he does next. He is not afraid to open the floodgates of transparencies through an elegant and sensual EP, and it does not seem like Yash Bansal is stopping any time soon. In just a short couple of years, his music and sound hold such a timeless element that we can’t help but go back to it regularly.

Scream to Hell With Love with Yash Bansal below!

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