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The upcoming talent Yash Bansal tells us the most asked question on What Is It Like To Be Loved? The young artist showcases to their listeners some life lessons about his own personal journies and life experiences. Yash Bansal’s latest EP opens up the conversation on exploring one’s self and opening your own consciousness.

Find the secrets of What Is It Like To Be Loved?

This EP is a letter to myself about the things I consider flaws within me and how much it affects my mental state. I wanted to have a very clear emphasis on telling a story that was personal and dear to me rather than just having a few songs that just showcased my sound. I aim to have a lot of transparency with my music that brings the listeners into my consciousness so they can relate with my own experiences.

-Yash Bansal

“Without A Doubt”

Naturally, we are greeted with the soulful voice of Yash Bansal to start “Without A Doubt” along with a colorful piano chord progression. Escaping into the mind of someone longing for answers in their life. Later on, the track leads into glitchy and chaotic breaks, symbolizing the messiness that lies within our lives. It highlights the overall complexity of struggling to choose the right decision for our own future, unsure of what our future might hold. Yash Bansal brings his lively vocals to soothe the haunting surroundings we are standing in; afterward guiding us through this vivid and divine environment of our hopeful memories through his mystic and captivating production. As a result, Yash Bansal starts off the EP strong and gets us ready for an emotional journey.


Seamlessly transitioning from “Without A Doubt” – Yash Bansal doesn’t mess around and jumps right in. With “Wishing” being the main single from the EP, the track continues to be a haunting melody for the listeners. The track following that longing temptation of something that is not right for you, but you can’t seem to pull yourself away from the craving. “If I had what it takes to be the reason your heart races..” Bansal belting out the emotions of these lyrics that eventually lead to the massive, triumphant, glorious break. Surely you can’t seem to close your eyes and flow along to the dark beauty that Yash Bansal is showcasing for us. And lastly, he leaves us with a voicemail to ponder…

“Why is it that the last person we look for is who we are?.. Who we wanna be? Isn’t that someone worth loving too?”

“Waiting For The Sunrise”

Once we open our eyes after listening to “Wishing,” we are teleported to the vivid soundscape of “Waiting For The Sunrise”. This time, we stare out into the distance watching the sun slowly rise as we listen to the complex melodies; resembling the anxious feelings of the internal battles we fight between our mind and our heart. Yash Bansal continuing to relate to the audience’s experiences of constantly spending more time worrying about results instead of taking risks. Within the background, you feel the blissful elements that soon transform into a cinematic climax. As the sun is now at the horizon, we dance along to resounding tones that Yash Bansal greets us. When we finally come to the realization towards the end of the track, “why is that we put so much time into over-analyzing, overthinking one thought, daydreaming about that one person?”

“What Is It Like To Be Loved?”

To conclude and wrap up the EP, Yash Bansal shows us the soulful and gospel feels for the finale. Taking us to the holy motherland of Bansal’s universe. The soothing vocals cradling the dreamscape we are present in. Yash Bansal screams out the lyrics “what is it like to be loved?” that laters follows through with a bouncy, energetic chorus. Then we fight through the overzealous and fiery blasts until we fall into the airy bridge. The track giving that colorful but multiplex of layers, to suggest the complications of what true love could feel like. From the big crashes to the vibrant melodies, love could truly reflect many different aspects. Yash Bansal resembles those aspects into a little present to share with the audience. Finally wrapping the EP in pristine fashion.

Yash Bansal is continuing to grow and flourish

The newest release from Yash Bansal brings a promising future for the new and upcoming talent. The originality and constant organic flow throughout the EP shines through and creates a contagious piece of work. Each track exploring the deeper consciousness of how each of us is going through our own mental state and flaws. Yash Bansal is not afraid to open the flood gates of transparencies through an elegant and sensual album. As a result, if there is an EP you are craving to belt out the lyrics and sway your body to as you go through your spiritual journey, this is perfect for you. Lastly, keep your eyes open for the uprising artist, because it does not seem like Yash Bansal is slowing down any time soon.

If you still are curious about your inner journey, listen to Yash Bansal What Is It Like To Be Loved? below to answer your questions!

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