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After a sold-out run in Portland, EPROM brought his Robotics headline to the Mission Ballroom for an even greater A/V experience. EPROM showcases his first album in over a decade, Syntheism, paired with robotics by Motorized Precision, immersing fans in a mechanical psychosis. On July 29th, Mission Ballroom attendees were wrapped in an experimental atmosphere with unimaginable production. Supported by Mux Mool, VCTRE, and a b2b from Esseks x DMVU, the Robotics journey left fans mechanized.

“After debuting Syntheism Robotics two weeks ago in Portland, it was clear where I needed to bring it next. This will unequivocally be the biggest curated event in the lifespan of my project, and I’m so appreciative and beyond excited to share it with you. This moment will represent a culmination of over 20 years of work.”

EPROM - Syntheism tour
Photos by: Tyler Hill
EPROM - Robotics

The robotic takeover

Mission Ballroom hosts some of the biggest and most unforgettable experiences Denver’s had to date. The indoor venue’s setup is for perfect viewing, with stadium-style bleachers and plenty of floor space. Even on sold-out evenings, you never have to wait in a lengthy bar line, deal with unattended restrooms, or painfully find parking nearby. It’s no surprise why EPROM chose this new yet legendary venue for his vision.

July 29th, 2023 Mission Ballroom Flyer

The venue’s top-notch stage production made EPROM’s robotic presentation come to life seamlessly. The unique audio-visual experience was teased throughout the day, with glimpses of robotic installs and a last-minute VCTRE addition. We arrived in time to grab prime bleacher seats and easily settled in for a rare Esseks B2B DMVU set.

EPROM’s Syntheism

EPROM’s performance carried us through chapters of various sonic settings, with vibrant visual media and mechanical tones. After a roaring sponsor introduction, the set began with captivating magenta lighting as the robotic installments started their motion. His set featured his diverse wavelengths, combining experimental with influences of techno, house, and dnb. The visuals mesmerized the audience, from neon geometric bodies to stained microscopic organisms.

We doubt we’ll have an opportunity to experience anything close to Syntheism Robotics again. With Motorized Precision’s installments, EPROM brought his mechanical dream to reality. Luckily for those who missed out, River Beats TV has you covered. Stay on the lookout for a full, live recording of EPROM’s robotic world at Mission Ballroom via River Beats TV!

Cover image by Eric Ananmalay.

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