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The highly coveted annual compilation from bitbird has arrived – Gouldian Finch 4. The fourth installment in the dearly beloved series brings forth 20 different tracks with a variety of soundscapes. A brand new compilation that will cleanse the palette of any type of music lover out there.

Continuing to surpass all expectations with Gouldian Finch 4

bitbird Gouldian Finch 4 art

Gouldian Finch is our runway project; every year I look forward to seeing what every artists comes up with or collaborates on. I like to think about the compilation as a showcase of artists/sounds we like to listen to and know we will be excited about for the year to come. Again, like [Gouldian Finch] 1, 2, and 3, there are tracks on GF4 that give me goosebumps all over.. 

Thorwald van den Akker, bitbird Creative Director

Nonetheless, bitbird continues to elevate through the different echospaces within the scene. With bitbird’s main motto being “create forever,” the label’s forward-thinking remains true with each of their releases. Gouldian Finch 4 excels in showcasing the extraordinary artists that strive in creating timeless tracks. Despite recruiting the household names within bitbird, the label strives to push through and highlight some rising talent that surpasses the norm. Naturally, Gouldian Finch 4 demonstrates the elegant and luscious ethos within the bitbird brand. And this whole compilation will create an audience of craving for more once it’s over.

Tracks that you should listen to, if you want to feel goosebumps

dobi – “as we hang up a picture” ft. Azziah

“Time is finite” – such a memorable introduction lyric to the captivating track. dobi crafts a luscious storytelling tale with the graceful piano and string melodies, in addition to Azziah’s bright and velvety vocals harmonizing along with the background. Despite you concentrating on the beautiful tale, you begin to hear the soft tension begin to build. As the tension builds, so do the track’s surroundings. As with every story, there is a climax, and dobi brings that satisfying resolution of colorful and uplifting build that leads us to reflect on.

bitbird Gouldian Finch 4

Pocket & Rohaan – “idontwannabeafraid”

These two talented producers exude astronomical bliss as they created such a sensual and timeless track. “idontwannabeafraid” combines Pocket’s uniquely melodic and kaleidoscopic-centric layers with Rohaan’s signature dazzling drum and bass rhythms. Simultaneously, the rising talents have elegantly blended their styles to something so euphoric. A very well-detailed and intricate track that hypnotizes you. Naturally, you just happen to close your eyes as you follow through the soundscapes.

bitbird Gouldian Finch 4
Photo Credit: Marinka Stam, @marinka_stam

ILIVEHERE. x Holyoke – “With us”

As the night starts to consume us, we tend to have those feelings that something greater is surrounding us. “With us” builds that steady cinematic tension as you stare at the city lights. The haunting vocals that repeat throughout the track, “Don’t you believe, you’re here with us,” lingers in the dusk air. Until you reach the vibrant and spiritual break that ILIVEHERE. carefully leads us into. While the track takes a very minimal and simplistic production, it’s more on how the empty space dances around us. The sparkling synths in the background mesh with the cinematic undertones of the track to generate this ever longing afterthought. That this energetic negative space is filled with more color than we believe. And the elegance of ILIVEHERE. and Holyoke track brings the chills and goosebumps along your skin.

“when ur around” ft. San Holo, Taska Black, Flaws, and Mystk

Concluding the whole compilation, this comes as a pleasant surprise. With the musical talents of San Holo, Taska Black, Flaws, and Mystk, there doesn’t seem to be anything else you can ask for. The soothing sounds from the keys, the crashing drums, and the delicate strums from the guitar – you can’t help but be fully immersed into the full soundscape that all four crafted. Seamlessly, the project elevates us to this tranquil ecosystem as colors come to life and the environment begins to animate. Thus waiting for the build of the track to lead for the world around us to blast and rush past us until it settles. And yet, we are truly ready to say goodbye to the gem that the four artists have shared for us. They leave us with this comforting and tender feeling that they will always stay in our hearts no matter what.

The everlasting effect of Gouldian Finch series

Although bitbird has already three previous editions to the Gouldian Finch series, you can’t help be astonished by the craftmanship of each one. With the constant evolution of each volume, you continue to see the growth of some of the household names within the bitbird brand, and also the extraordinary emergence of the rising talent. All this with the simple purpose of just creating music that is timeless. The charming thing that bitbird strives to showcase is the multitude of genres that can fulfill that purpose. Whether it be the more indie music lovers with Golden Vessel & rei so la and On Planets & Flaws tracks; the more downtempo ear with Couros, Casilofi, and Dot’s singles; or just the electronic, bouncy, and transcending melodies with Duskus, Slow Magic, and Laxcity songs. Overall the mission can be showcased in many different ways.

There’s no compilation like the Gouldian Finch! I’m extremely excited about all the amazing new talent we’re showcasing, time and time again. There’s so much diversity, yet the bitbird feeling is present in every single song on here. It just feels right! Get ready for an exciting emotional journey through groundbreaking new sounds!

– San Holo

Leap into the multiple soundscapes within bitbird’s Gouldian Finch 4 compiliation below!

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