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There’s a big wave coming. A group of individuals known as the Wavecraft Collective has come together to forge the Book of Shadows, a harbinger of forsaken sounds and forbidden mantras.

Without further ado, let the unholy sacrament begin.

Mahsiv – “Heartbeat”

Mahsiv // Photo provided by Wavecraft

It all starts with a heartbeat no? The Arizona-based duo lives up their name, producing a massive intro track to really get the listener going. Beginning with ominous synths and coupled with distorted vocals, it culminates to an eerie and slight pause. This is short-lived, as a distant low-pitched sound slowly comes to the forefront and drops you into a heavy muffled beat. This continues until the second drop which consumes listeners within reverberating basslines. Mahsiv does an amazing job of setting the tone for the rest of the album with “Heartbeat.”

TYLR – “Scheme”

TYLR // Photo provided by Wavecraft

Once the heartbeat is aware, it starts to scheme. The North Carolina native picks up where the ominous “Heartbeat” left off. Adding some vicious halftime elements, TYLR wastes no time in evolving the Book of Shadows to fit his own agenda. Hitting us with high-energy kicks and squeaky snares, there is no chance to catch a break! “Scheme” slowly seeps into every fiber of your being, setting the stage (which is probably your own body) for what’s to come. Remember, this is still only the beginning.

Thew – “Came Up

Thew // Photo provided by Wavecraft

Now for the come-up. Thew does an excellent job in switching up the energy and alluringness. Taking already distorted vocals and synths and further warping them to the entire time. Imagine taking your brain and passing it through a quick, subwoofer-blender, this is exactly what “Came Up” makes you feel. Constant sideswipes and otherworldly beats will rack your senses till the very end.

WerD – “The Shadows”

WerD // Photo provided by Wavecraft

It seems like we were warped too much. The sound of a haunting bell followed by a chilling laugh is the only thing your conscience can comprehend. Soon after you’re pulled into “The Shadows” and chaos commences. Getting hit on all sides with deep bass drops and fast-paced synths, this track oozes forbidden magic. Being the longest track on the album, WerD does an exquisite job at evolving the track, almost turning it into a perverted psalm.

DeltaV – “Deaths Toll”

DeltaV // Photo provided by Wavecraft

It is time to pay “Deaths Toll.” Summoned from “The Shadows” is the enigmatic, Chicago-native, DeltaV. A looming beat begins with a ticking kick and a hollow breath-like sound. This gives rise to a heavy, distant synth that creeps up on you. The rising tempo traps your senses in melodies that somehow warp time and slow down the song. Seriously, it’s a weird feeling. Truly an experience that will leave you wondering if you’re dead or not.

Chark – “Bastard”

Chark // Photo provided by Wavecraft

Whether or not you’re dead is subjective. What you do notice is you feel immersed in a dark world. Fully encompassed by a ghostly melody and fuzzy basslines. “The Bastard” that is this next tune is a punishment from Chark. The Alabama dweller rips apart your senses with an afflicted synth, slowly followed by impassioned drops and an overwhelming sense of angst. Bravo!

Fika – “In The Grain”

Fika // Photo provided by Wavecraft

After being fiddled within the realm of Bastards. Your soul tries to return back through the scorched Earth. The next song, “In The Grain” by Fika offers one an experience of what it is like to get ground through infernal gravel. With snares as sharp as demon claws, Michigan-local Fika, engineers a rumbling tune that really sinks into the listener’s soul. Can you feel the crunchy subs rumbling through your veins?

MarshedBass – “Move”

Marshedbass // Photo provided by Wavecraft

This next one is a real party starter. A removed but dismal siren is heard in the beginning, joined with familiar vocals, the siren is magnified and signals an echoing pattern across all synths and snares. The listener is met with a vicious, wobbly bassline that must be heard on a proper sound system. The Jersey-based producer, MarshedBass, weaves and meshes an array of sounds together to quite literally “Move” the listener in place. We are ready for the final chapter of this jilted book.

Young Ghost – “Never Saw The Light”

Young Ghost // Photo by Instagram

A colossal final chapter indeed. Young Ghost is there to help you sign your name in blood with “Never Saw The Light.” The east coast walker has the final say on whether you pass this wicked test. Immediately a heavy mechanical melody is brought forth, painting the soundscape with heinous synths and depraved basslines. This culminates in a superb climax with some trap elements and overall chaotic loops. An unnerving calm washes over you, and you are thrust into an immensely fasted paced purgatory of vibrations.

Let’s see what waits for us on the other side. . .

The Wavecraft Collective has outdone themselves with their first release of the year. A splendid collaboration between talented artists, they are setting the bar mighty high for 2022 and we couldn’t be more excited to see where this year takes them.

Throughout our journey, Wavecraft has always stayed true to its original vision; showcasing underground bass music and providing a platform for the talented producers that deserve more recognition for their art.
As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to further accommodate this vision, and Book of Shadows is our most accurate representation of that to date.
Book of Shadows is a collaborative album, created entirely in-house by Wavecraft Collective. Producers, visual/graphics artists, and staff have all equally played a part in the curation of this project, and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase it for you all to experience and enjoy.
We appreciate each and every one of you that has endorsed our vision thus far, and we will continue to strive for excellence in the realm of art; growing, evolving, and pushing ourselves to new heights. We’re stoked for the future, and hope you’ll continue to follow us along in the pursuit of our artistic endeavors.

Evan Dugosh, Creative Director and CEO of Wavecraft,

Remember, Book of Shadows is only the first installment of a multi-part odyssey, so be sure to tune into everything Wavecraft.

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