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We are momentarily catching a breath of fresh air to listen to Ghost in Real Life and their latest single “Drowning in Waves;” now released through Future Vibes. The upcoming and growing producer continues to gain love within the bass community, and you just can’t help but drown yourself in the harmonies and melodies of this single!

What it feels like to be “Drowning in Waves” with Ghost in Real Life

The latest single from Ghost in Real Life resonates with a real-life experience of almost drowning in the ocean this past summer. Through extracting the emotions from her experience, Ghost in Real Life brings those feelings to us. From the eerie and melodic introduction, we are transported into the ocean with her. While feeling the waves slowly caress along us, we begin to feel the intensity of the waves grow. From the horns, sidechains, and bass, the overall feeling of the waves prepares to increase. Until the drop submerges us into the melodic and powerful crashes that linger in our minds.

Nonetheless, Ghost in Real Life brings up those feelings of trying to constantly save ourselves and fighting through anxieties of life. Although the waves can be overwhelming, they will begin to settle and we will ascend to the surface. “Drowning in Waves” is an overall catchy and engaging track that makes the repeat button inevitable.

A rising star, Ghost in Real Life – keep her on your radar!

Already with an impressive catalog, including the debut EP The Invisible Enemy last year and gaining recognition from the luxurious Subsidia, her momentum continues to rise. Ghost in Real Life is breaking into different areas in the bass genre and refusing to hold herself to any singular standard. From starting to sing on her tracks to garnering a big community through Twitch and wherever she goes, it’s no doubt that Ghost in Real Life will shine in 2022. With more tracks on the way and show announcements still to be announced, it will be wise to keep her on your radar!

Save yourself from drowning and listen to Ghost in Real Life’s latest single below!

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