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Sometimes you hear music and can immediately tell how much sheer effort and passion was poured into it. For us, this is how we felt when we first listened to the Wavecraft Collective compilation album, Beautiful Beginnings.

Every decision that went into making this album was with intent and meaning. Spanning over eight tracks, each artist crafted a song that embodied their interpretation of a new beginning; a fresh start. Not only that, but Beautiful Beginnings also highlights a fraction of the most talented and deserving underground producers in the current bass scene. (Keep an eye on these names, because rest assured they’ll be the ones in headlining slots down the road.)

While the name of the album may sound delicate, don’t be fooled. Featuring artists like EYE & Mistah Dill amongst Shatter & NotLö, Beautiful Beginnings packs a K.O. punch of freeform bass. Holding nothing back from the word ‘go,’ the first track, “Year One,” by DUGØSH and Feelmonger, takes listeners right down the rabbit hole into intricate and heavy basslines. From collaborations by Ginseng and ezbz to Wiley Coyote, Wavecraft Collective mastered the art of evoking emotion through sound, but also keeping you moving to the beat from start to finish.

A huge congratulations to the Wavecraft Collective team on a truly beautiful curation. Cheers to new beginnings, and we can’t wait to see what they plan next!

Listen to Beautiful Beginnings from Wavecraft Collective below:

You can support the underground by donating to Wavecraft Collective here, or purchasing music from their Bandcamp.

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