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Electro-soul is as ALIVE as ever right now. With artists like Manic Focus, Daily Bread, Michal Menert & so many more pumping out numerous tunes this year, the genre has been scorching with fresh heaters. As they continue to lead by example, a brigade of new wave artists are showcasing their innovative talents. We here at Electric Hawk are fortunate enough to be premiering an artist who we know will be all over our radar for the foreseeable future. Phunk Bias brand new tune, “Complex” holds its own next to some of the genre’s greatest. 

If you aren’t familiar yet with The Nest series, let us get you caught up real quick.

The Nest installment is our way of spotlighting newborn talent deep in the underground of our community. These finds could not be any fresher and don’t expect this to be the last time you hear of these artists. A new track drops every Wednesday so stay locked for the birth of your favorite new sound.

Complex” begins as infectious guitar riffs jump-start the intro of this tune. We are instantly consumed by the heavy dosage of wubs and vibrations. Soulful vocals are chopped and scratched over a rambunctious melody that unravels on over the rattling phrase “make it complex”. Phunk Bias combines various elements to compress the track into a wobbly and wavey abyss of pure funk. Just as the dust begins to settle, Phunk Bias pulls us back in for another round of chaos intensifying the bass and filling our ears with a plethora of glitches, vintage chops that provide nostalgia all nestled between some melodic bluesy chords. Kick back as Phunk Bias provides the ambiance all you need to do is to plug in and vibe out.

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