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The latest offering from voljum, the dayscapes EP, is a whirlwind of glitch, jazz, and freeform bass. Releasing on June 23rd, dayscapes is brought to us by the always impressive music label/contemporary menswear collective, Inspected. Known for pushing the boundaries, voljum fully embodies this UK collective’s core value’s with his latest release.

voljum dayscapes

Turn up the voljum

Pianist-turned-producer, voljum, is moving the sticks when it comes to electronic music. His works epitomize the unexpected, and dayscapes is a prime example. The vision for this EP comes from Mother Gaia; each track serving as an audible interpretation of Her different moods and changing scenery.

café mañana

Inspired by the freshness of the early morning, welcome to “café mañana.” The first single from this EP is a jazzy conglomerate of sounds. In the year 2155, this is exactly the type of song I’d expect to hear in every coffee shop. The first half of the track perfectly represents the hustle of Monday morning, while the second half dissociates into a flow state. The sound design on this one is honestly incredible.


“components” represents the industrial and technological landscapes on this floating rock we call home. An homage to his debut EP, “components” uses more electronic elements to add a cyberpunk flair to the atmosphere. This is truly glitch-hop at its finest. The jazz notes sprinkled throughout really shape this track into a futuristic “Silicon Valley” type ambiance.


“anemoi” is the centerpiece of dayscapes. Inspired by the Greek gods of wind, “anemoi” is the gentle breeze in your hair. The introduction uses skillful panning and glitchy, yet ethereal, production which pours into your ears with a silky texture. As the track progresses, world and IDM elements envelop you in a blanket of comfort. All before transitioning into dnb style breakbeats with insane experimentation.

The third transition about halfway through this 6 and-a-half minute masterpiece brings that comforting touch back into perspective. Around the 4-minute mark, the track shifts into a haunting atmosphere. Visually, this reminds me of the ominous transformation clouds undergo as they shift from calm and gentle in nature, into edgy and dangerous storm cells, then back again. It’s both beautiful, and chilling at the same time. This is my favorite track on the EP.


Rounding out this EP is “half-overcast.” Continuing off of the dark atmosphere towards the end of “anemoi,” this track is the heaviest of the bunch. Oscillating bass frequencies and expert experimentation represent the duality of music and weather.

The main source of inspiration was a really interesting split in the sky I happened to witness back in January 2020 when I was walking home from university. Half of the sky was covered in dark storm clouds, while the other was practically unscathed and completely clear. This “split” is represented in various aspects of the music, such as the harmonic progression and the structure of the song itself.

voljum on “half-overcast” – INSPECTING: voljum

All in all, voljum absolutely smashes this one out of the park. Both Inspected, and voljum, are always at the forefront when it comes to creativity, so this partnership is genuinely a match made in heaven.

Listen to Dayscapes by voljum in its entirety below

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