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Based in Dallas, Texas, Lights All Night has officially made its return to the festival scene. The annual New Year’s Eve bash dropped a dinger of a lineup, and it has something for electronic music fans of any genre.

Lights All Night
Lights All Night lineup poster

Leftfield bass and trap to enrich the soul

Here at Electric Hawk HQ, our beaks have become slightly erect at the sight of so many eclectic names. A couple of Lost Dogz make an appearance on the lineup, serving us a tasty Eazybaked b2b sumthin sumthin set. Chee also catches our eye, and we know he’s about to blow Texas away. NIK P, one of Electric Hawk’s very own In Unity artists, shines on this lineup; based in Dallas, there’s no doubt he’ll be showing everyone how D-Town throws it down.

Headbang into 2022 at Lights All Night

Not only does the Lights All Night lineup have a healthy serving size of dubstep and halftime, but it also comes with an Illenium Happy Meal. Fun fact: Illenium has played the festival 3 out of the last 4 years! Not only that, but BTSM bringing the church to Dallas Market Hall. We’re looking forward to Madeon playing out his Grammy-nominated album Good Faith. Above & Beyond also comes through for a group therapy session. On top of all that, Svdden Death will surely fill that VOYD inside you. As a habitual picky eater, there is really not a bad set to dip your chicken tenders into. December 30th and 31st are bound to feel like a religious experience.

The Lights All Night lineup will have your squad fighting over which stage to stay at, and saying “Y’all already know what nature is doing.” While these artists journey to the Lone Star state to ring in the New Year, remember to stay hydrated and wear earplugs! From dubstep to house to whatever fantastic genre Madeon is, there will never be a dull moment.

Don’t sleep on this lineup! Lights All Night tickets are available for pre-sale now.

Banner image: Said the Sky at LAN 2019, shot by our very own Tony Moore.

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