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DISSØLV is a unique act within itself. As a live hybrid electronic dance music act, DISSØLV brings true artistry to the stage with every set. Keeping their unique performance act alive, the trio has been hitting the live streams hard with appearances on Wormhole Wednesdays, Gravitas Recordings, and Microdose VR. Now, DISSØLV brings us their third EP with Triplicity. Coming together as a whole for this project, Triplicity showcases a heavier side of the group while maintaining the melodic and euphoric journey of past releases. Today, Electric Hawk is excited to bring you an exclusive listen to “Raindropz,” from their upcoming EP, out June 25th.

“Raindropz” brings a fusion of bass, trap, and global genres. Melodic vocals transport the listener into the tribal trap universe DISSØLV has created, immersing us in their harmonization of electric violin with chilling vocal elements. Hard bass kicks and classic trap elements infect the listener with tempo. It’s the perfect combination of hip-hop-style lyrics and globalized melodies with a bass flair.

Listen to “Raindropz” here:

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June is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month! EDM began with the LGBTQIA+ community, and it remains a space to be fully yourself – safely and without judgment. Not only is this a time to celebrate the full spectrums of gender and sexuality, but also a reminder of the continued fight for gay and trans rights. Learn how to support trans rights here. Also, support several causes for the LGBTQIA+ community here.

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