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The arrival of moving towards a higher purpose has flourished in VILLA and her latest single, “10:10,” released this Thursday, December 16th. VILLA continues to push through her boundaries and is ending the year in an energetic way. The uprising producer reveals what “10:10” really means and how powerful it is.

VILLA 10:10 Album Art
Cover Art: @cerdinsound

I wrote this song during a time in my life where I was really doubting myself in music. During this time, I kept seeing the time 10:10 usually twice a day every single day. The meaning of the angel number 1010 is about moving towards your higher purpose in life and to trust the universe and what it has in store for you. After I wrote this song, I really recognized a shift within myself and my confidence so I decided to call this song 10:10 because I feel like I manifested whatever message the universe was trying to share with me in consistently showing me the number 1010.


The mystical presence that “10:10” shows

Time to get immersed into the shimmering melodies and haunting vocals to set the mood of VILLA’s introduction to “10:10.” Through her dreamy soundscapes, she awakens the magic that surrounds our environments. And as the song begins to shift through its different elements, from the stimulating, electric break, you begin to intertwine with the cosmic energy that the song elevates. And as the song progresses, the veil of VILLA’s confidence is revealed. Then, while the infinite forces take over your body, you begin to fade into the magic that “10:10” offers.

Now, if you haven’t felt the confidence in yourself lately, you will begin to feel the cosmic forces from the moment “10:10” comes on. “10:10” unleashes the power within ourselves to manifest the dreams and goals we are constantly craving. So naturally, we all deserve to obtain a higher purpose in our lives, right? And VILLA gives us the opportunity to do so with her latest single.

Keep your eye on VILLA and what is in store for 2022!

VILLA continues to grow as she garners support from outlets like Heard It Here First and GRL GANG. After releasing a single through Killabite Media earlier this year, VILLA’s path is steadily climbing. However, VILLA continues to tease through her TikTok the vault of tracks she has reserved for us in the future. While also mentioning that she has ideas to grow the project at the beginning of the year – it’s about to be vroom vroom for VILLA. As we continue to blast “10:10,” be sure to keep VILLA on your radar.

Trust the universe with us and listen to VILLA and her “10:10” track with us below!

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