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VILLA continues her series about fulfilling and manifesting with her newest single “11:11,” released this Thursday, January 27th. After the release of “10:10,” VILLA further explores the depths of her magical journey. If you already didn’t know the mythical forces that come with “11:11,” VILLA is ready to show you!

VILLA 11:11
Cover Art: @cerdinsound

I wrote 11:11 in tandem with 10:10 during a time last year where the future and vision for my project seemed really unclear. Like 10:10, I would see 11:11 daily usually twice a day. To me, 11:11 has always been associated with luck or a wish or magic in some way. Seeing 11:11 meant to me that something must be working if I kept getting this lucky so it gave me the confidence to keep pushing through my self doubt.

Photo Credit: @hansenvisuals

Awakening the spiritual forces of “11:11” in VILLA’s latest

The dreamy and mystical realm that VILLA created for us from her previous single “10:10” is opened up again. Immediately feeling the gravitational atmosphere pull us from the introduction. She allows us to stand still and feel the cosmic energy in “11:11” begin to build its chilling forces. Until we feel the tingling sensation climb from our toes all the way until it reaches our inner spiritual being. And as the tempo shifts, our body is intertwined with the electrifying breaks and crashes.

“11:11” reveals that limitless ability within ourselves; of endless possibilities that can be achieved. All it takes is for us to simply make a wish on most inner desires. VILLA reveals the infinite power that we possess to eventually prevail from all our self-doubt. Naturally, “11:11” becomes that magical track to fully bring that trust back into ourselves. And we can thank VILLA for reminding us to be confident in our dreams and goals.

VILLA continuing to strive and flourish in her brand!

Surely this is only the beginning of what VILLA has to offer for starting off the new year. As she continues to build her brand and style, it’s starting to catch the attention of others. Coming off a performance in Chicago opening for Keys n Krates last week, the heights of where VILLA will be taken this year are endless.

With a lot of VILLA’s ideas still coming to fruition, it’s only a matter of time before her magical and captivating sound will draw more in. After all, if VILLA is not already on your radar for upcoming producers this year, it might be a good time to start. Be sure to follow her to see if there is another continuation to her magical series! For now, time to wish upon the stars and universe together as we listen to “11:11” on repeat.

To bring you good luck for your future crush to text you later, support VILLA and listen to “11:11” below!

Feature image credit: @hansenvisuals

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