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Deadbeats daddy and Tiktok aficionado, Heyz, flew by the bird’s nest to drop off his remix for “Alive” by Zeds Dead and MKLA. Today, we’re here to give you the exclusive premiere of that remix, and a glimpse of what’s to come this Friday with the full “Alive” remix package.

Heyz Alive Remix
Heyz and his adorable pooch

Words cannot summarize a man like Heyz. Aside from being an absolute powerhouse producer, Heyz is simply one of the brightest lights in our scene. Between his unwavering support for his fellow colleagues, and his outrageously comedic takes on social platforms, this guy is genuinely a ray of sunshine in our community. It’s hard not to support someone as talented as him, so when we got wind of his remix for Zeds Dead and MKLA’s smash hit “Alive,” we had to seize the opportunity.

The remix offers a similar approach to the intro with the euphoric and echoing vocals of MKLA, but with a slightly faster tempo. As the track progresses, Heyz transmutes the deep house arrangement into a thunderous melodic bass-focused revision.

When we asked Heyz about the remix, he had this to say…

FIRST OF ALL, Zeds Dead is my favorite electronic group ever, so making an official remix for them definitely got me all hot n’ bothered. When I got the stems for “Alive,” I pretty much started working on it immediately and didn’t stop for a week until I was happy with it. When I heard the original, I hit up Harrison (Deadbeats label manager) and said “YO, MKLA’s voice is SO GOOD! Do you think she would want to work with me?” And he was like “PROBABLY NOT, but you should remix Alive”. So I did that, and here we are. Enjoy this big, blasty boi, euphoric remix, and get ready for more music on Deadbeats in let’s sayyy….next month? 😏”


Make sure to keep an ear out for the full remix package out this Friday, 12/17. Kumarion, X&G, Heimanu, and more are featured on this pack, so it’s sure to be another classic from Deadbeats.

Listen to the Exclusive Premiere of Heyz’s “Alive” remix below.

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