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2022 has been a busy year for UNKNWN. Clearly on the up and up, the producer has already provided us with a handful of delightful tracks. “Synesthesia” is the latest of that bunch. With releases on Wavecraft and Wubaholics already, Brock Muellner decided to go with the self-release route on this one. Deserving all the love and attention, UNKNWN’s “Synesthesia” is a must-listen.

UNKNWN guides us blissfully through the journey that is “Synesthesia.”

This track is a highlight of UNKNWN‘s ability to gently lead us with his sounds. “Synesthesia” will not be praised as a loud, skull-shattering banger of a track. That’s not its purpose. It is an ominous, yet peaceful adventure through noise.

A subjective sensation or image of a sense (as of color) other than the one (as of sound) being stimulated.

Synesthesia definition – Meriam-Webster Dictionary

The condition of synesthesia is one often used by music producers to emulate the picture they are trying to paint with their music. As sound is the sensation “being stimulated,” while color/imagery is the one being imagined. UNKNWN masterfully crafts these images. The song itself is a slow halftime beat being guided by some crispy percussions. A smooth and catchy melody dances peacefully over the background. For a minute and a half, the track is extremely meditative. And, slowly but surely, the tension picks up, you can feel something building. Then, a gnarly layer of bass crashes into the track. All the while, the tune remains soothing.

The pictures painted relate to the whole image of the UNKNWN project, as you can sense the feeling of hiding in a forest on a cloudy, misty day. It is the type of tune that would go off perfectly at the 6am sunrise renegade. “Synesthesia” is a fantastic addition to UNKNWN’s catalog, one that really expresses the artistic vision he is aiming to achieve.

As Brock openly lets go of some anxious feelings through this release, we can’t help but support him. “Synesthesia” follows a significant time in the producer’s life, and his family could use our help. If you would like to know more and help raise funds for his father’s recovery, please click here and/or consider sharing.

Listen to “Synesthesia”, out now:

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