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Mike Danglez returns with Chatoor to stun us with another energetically beautiful but heavy track with “All Of Your Love”. Both artists bring together their eclectic production skills to create a synthy, hype leftfield bass track that will get your body moving. 

The vocals are provide a smooth transition between the mounting intro and the buoyant drops. 

Mike Danglez and Chatoor are both two incredible artists that are paving their own way in the electronic industry. Danglez, aka the ‘Dubstep Dad’ has no boundaries when it comes to the music he creates, and he has seen his releases touch major labels like Subcarbon, Hybrid Trap, and more. Chatoor is also a widely versatile artist. His heavyweight bass releases can be found on labels like Wubaholics and Hybrid Trap. Both of them distinguish themselves from the pack through their ability to cleanly design such intricate tracks across a multitude of subgenres. 

We really wanted to make a song that works just as well outside of shows, for everyday listening. I can confirm that it makes for a great driving song. I also finally got to test this one out at Picnic Royal Festival in Quebec; the high-energy drops had people bouncing around and vibing. It was a great feeling.

– Mike Danglez on ‘All Of Your Love’

The futuristic samples and dripping, rhythmic melodies make for a track that will get stuck in your head immediately after the first listen. Both Danglez and Chatoor hand-selected the fills, and you can hear it from the intricacies in the transitions and adlibs, and the precision with which the track flows.

Very few of the fills, both drums and synths, were loop-based. The majority of what you hear flying around in the drops was hand-selected and programmed by Zach and I. I think it’s really cool that all of these small synth shots and samples work together really seamlessly and give the song a futuristic atmosphere.”

Chatoor on “All Of Your Love”

Both Chatoor and Danglez came out the gate swinging with this release, and we could not be more excited.

Stream “All Of Your Love” below, and follow them on all of their socials for more music!

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