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Time to bring out the good ole photo album and flip through all the picturesque scenery captured by Tails. The Canadian producer delivers the photos of the sun EP that was just released through Bitbird. This EP is a true turning point for Tails as he held nothing back when expressing himself emotionally, but also in the exploration of an array of new styles and sounds. Tails is wanting to express organically whatever feelings come to him – and with photos of the sun, that’s exactly what he did.

Photos of the Sun Tails

Tails reflects on experiences that heavily weighed him.

Throughout the past couple of years, Tails has mentioned his own personal experiences with inner demons starting and ending touring, losing old friends while making new ones along the way, and also working countless hours on his craft. The past two years have allowed him to create memories that he will treasure for the rest of his life. Tails strives to be as authentic as possible with these six tracks; creating a varying but cohesive EP through multiple genres that span from trap, pop, and indie-electronica. In the end, he didn’t want photos of the sun to be limited to only a certain territory of his artistry, but instead, allow himself to be his true self when producing.

photos of the sun’ represents the illusion of beauty from afar. It’s about observing something with outward beauty but overlooking the trouble it may hold internally.”

Tails, photos of the sun

Take a Glimpse through photos of the sun

Photos of the Sun - Tails
Artwork: iamheinhamers

“photos of the sun”

The introduction to the EP gives you this eternal entrance into the beauty that Tails’ universe is opening up for the listeners. A whirlwind of emotion and build-up, building up the adventurous journey we are about to embark on. “photos of the sun” ends its heroic tale with the haunting lyrics “your hands pressed against mine; felt so warm and right,” leaving the audience with this warm feeling. This is just the beginning of what Tails has to show us throughout the EP.

“golden youth”

A longing fan-favorite track that Tails has been using as an opener is finally released to the public. The tempo has been turned up from Tails. The track displays a blend of styles being fused together – with the iconic trap beats and a combination of vibrant elements leading up to a beautiful fusion of styles merging. There’s no turning back as you are now fully engulfed in the lush soundscape that Tails has created. Time to take a moment to let loose, feel the shimmering melodies play, and listen to the movements that your body wants to dance to. A track that was worth the wait to be released.

“tic tac toe” ft. laye & Kelland

Turning around styles, Tails switches up and gives us a more Indie-Pop-influenced track. The track focusing on a different kind of perspective of love, with the lyricist laye describing their feelings of being fed up with relationship games. The juxtaposition between the catchy and playful melody, along with the lyrics of “boys just wanna play since the day they were born; you shame little boy,” ends up creating this overall euphoric feeling that meshes beautifully. In the end, it’s a track that is relatable as some of us can connect to some people in our lives that continue to play those emotional games.

“last night (eclipse)” ft. AVA YVES

This track always seems to come out during the perfect time when you’re driving late at night. We’re transitioning to a different perspective of love through AVA YVES’ eyes – focusing on the fleeting rush of a new romance. YVES’ angelic vocals give us the chance to be fully immersed in the moment. As we stare and look into the eyes of someone we truly are falling for, “caught up in a wave; eyes that can persuade; drunk on your embrace.” The track is a tale of floating in those electric emotions that build within our hearts. Behind the vocals and majestic atmosphere that Tails creates, “last night” becomes that song where you begin to understand that maybe you are starting to fall for someone.

“second thoughts” ft. Monsoonsiren

The epic tale – this melodic soundscape that encompasses the journey of falling in love through “second thoughts”. Tails switches it up through Monsoonsiren and his perspective on love. The lyrics throughout the track begin painting a picture of someone vowing to give their whole heart to the object of their desires. “I’ll give you all I got cause I swear there’s so much light in me. You’ll bear all the light within me,” are the lyrics telling the audience an emotion we have gone through. We begin to become mesmerized by the melodies of the track as we reflect on the soft production – picturing the love we give that specific desire. Tails shows the audience just how powerful our loving desires can be inside. Sometimes there is only that one person we want to give our love to.

“wanderer” ft. Iris Penning

Approaching the end of photos of the sun, comes an elegant ballad from Tails. “wanderer” tells a different story, this time stepping away from love instead of focusing on oneself. Iris Penning’s lyrics closes out the EP leaving love behind entirely to set off on a quest for serenity, bringing us back to the sentiment of admiring beauty from afar. The track focuses on the colorful build-ups leading to the big climax – allowing the listener to feel this overall sense of conquering their own destiny. Time to grab your back and echo the lyrics “I’m a wanderer” to yourself as you leave the past behind and begin chasing your tomorrow.

The floodgates have opened for Tails.

Tails is lighting the dance music world ablaze with photos of the sun. Nevertheless, Tails is continuing to work on new music while evolving and experimenting with his sound. Be sure to catch Tails performing at Brownies and Lemonade Vancouver in September, and also at Beyond Wonderland in October later this year. Also, make sure to keep your eyes out for more show announcements coming soon!

Escape and listen to Tails’ photos of the sun EP below. Let us know what your favorite track is!

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