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It’s no secret that if you’re searching for that 140 depth and precision, look no further than the New Zealand duo, TRUTH. “Pages” is the first single ahead of their upcoming album Acceptance via their very own Deep, Dark, and Dangerous label. Although this single is just a taste of what to come, its ominous leisure has us itching for more.

I personally got the pleasure of catching TRUTH at The Untz Festival last weekend. Although I’ve seen them live multiple times, they never fail to surprise and impress me. The limit they push the speakers to is unreal, and most of the time, I’m convinced they’re about to blow. Some of my favorite tracks live are those like “Pages,” ones that take you on this low and slow ride where you can feel every layer of bass against you.

“‘Acceptance’ is a deeply personal musical experience for us where we have bared far more of ourselves than in previous albums. It’s more of a piece that says who we are. We chose ‘Pages’ as the lead track because it embodies everything about this release that we are proud of. It’s poignant and nostalgic, while also existing in a dreamlike, lush, yet slightly eerie space. With this track we hope to evoke in the listener that feeling that you get when you come across a long forgotten memory.”


“Pages” is downright eerie, something else I’m quite fond of. The sinister yet hopeful feel stays consistent throughout and keeps listeners guessing and holding on for dear life to that deep dub foundation that’s been built. Doing what they do best, TRUTH adds layers upon layers or polished bass and tranquil sound that take multiple plays to truly digest it all. Although “Pages” doesn’t feature any crazy house-shaking drops, its elegant flow is captivating and will have you hooked.

Check out “Pages” below!

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