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The Rust Music team has always made a point to shine a light on the experimental sounds of the underground, and with Oxidized Vol. 3, they effortlessly execute this mission. This massive compilation features tracks from The Rust’s roster and notable close fam. Not only is this an absolute stunner of a release, but it’s also supporting a great cause.

Good Music For A Good Cause

The Oxidized Series has always been about giving back since the first rendition dropped in 2017. At the end of each year, The Rust donates whatever proceeds from The Oxidized Series to a different charity or organization that focuses on natural disaster aid, environmental restoration and preservation, as well as human rights. This year’s donation will be made to support women’s rights to healthcare and abortion – and as a woman who loves having her fundamental rights (and also loves underground bass music), I’m thrilled to see this.

The Diverse Sounds of Oxidized Vol. 3

Artists featured on Oxidized Vol. 3

It takes a little less than two and a half minutes into the first track, “Deep Blue” by Absalon, to realize this compilation will be nothing short of astonishing. Containing thirty-two artists and twenty-eight tracks Oxidized Vol. 3 is a journey you’ll want to indulge in fully. Each song seems to compliment the one before it all while bringing its own unique energy, sound, and flow to the forefront.

Things start off slow as listeners get cozy for their journey. Artists like Thought Process, Malakai, Foxtail, and Universe of Sounds set the tone for the compilation with a downtempo ambience. Then the energy lifts a bit with sounds from Seppa, Parkbreezy, Chalky, and Kaya Project as they bring a bouncy and percussion-filled atmosphere. Now we dive into the deep cuts of this album with artists like Entangled Mind, Faelow, PLLFRY, pheel., and Shapesift. If none of that is you’re style, you’re in luck because Oxidized Vol. 3 has so much more to offer. Weather you’re looking for experimental bass, hip-hop, drum and bass, or downtempo – The Rust’s curation has you covered.

I sincerely hope all the artists and the whole team over at The Rust are reading this right now so I can personally thank them for this compilation, and using it support great causes. The track list flows perfectly and allows every artist to shine individually while effortlessly meshing with the overall aura. So, take some time today to fully dive into this project, I promise you won’t regret it.

Listen to Oxidized. Vol. 3

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