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Neo grime pioneer gl00my returns to Recordings with his new EP, Cy-gen. The UK-based producer, known for his gorgeously chilly sound, announced the project with a Bandcamp preorder last week. This EP is the first release of 2023 for, the wave supergroup whose unique, family-centric vision has allowed the wave scene to flourish in the US for the last five years.

The temperatures outside may be rising, but gl00my will ensure we’re kept nice and cool this weekend.

Make sure to check this EP out.

Listen to Cy-gen on Spotify below.

With Cy-gen, gl00my expertly shows off the melodic, emotional, and otherworldly sides of wave and neo-grime. As one of the artists who helped define the sound of both genres, listeners can expect gl00my’s new EP to take them on a journey that’s somehow both beautiful and deeply unsettling at times.

Don’t let yourself get too comfortable while you listen to this one. Within Cy-gen, you will find music that will get so under your skin that it will practically end up in your blood.

As you listen, gl00my’s hypnotic melodies will submerge you in sharp, icy soundscapes; while gorgeous on the surface, a sinking feeling will grow deep in your heart and alert you to the danger hidden in the depths.

From start to finish, this whole EP is a truly immersive experience.

Meet gl00my, a cinematic wave master–

gl00my cy-gen cover art

About the artist:

“Based in the UK, gl00my has been releasing music for a number of years; he is best known as one of the pioneers of the neo-grime sound and is also a fixture in the wave scene. Throughout 2018-2019, he saw label support from Plasma Abuse, Liquid Ritual, and Terrorhythm. In 2020, gl00my made his debut on As far as his creative process goes, gl00my has referenced various films as sources of inspiration for his music; one notable mention is Equilibrium, which depicts “a future where the only crime is being human.” This inspiration can certainly be felt in the producer’s colder, more dystopic tracks. Some of gl00my’s proud supporters include Hartnett Media, Point Blank Music School, The Heart of Grime, FUXWITHIT, and SYNES.”



“We are – a platform for forming global interpersonal connections through music and art. From live shows to a podcast that hosts international artists, we strive to be at the forefront of the electronic music scene. With roots in the underground culture surrounding wave music, our label and artist agency endeavors to promote diversity, inclusivity, and variety in sound.” Recordings’ website.

There is so much that could be said about, and their impact on wave music. The group has been a fixture these last five years; it’s hard to imagine the wave scene without them. But do you know how they got their start?

We’ll give a little hint: if the stars hadn’t aligned one night back in 2017, wave as we know it would be much different.

Let’s take a moment and listen to the guys behind “the digital vibe” tell a bit about their origin story:

As told by M!NGO:

“[] was an idea that Donny, AKA Fyoomz, had once we were kind of filling the void post-Plastician, [who was] no longer doing the Rinse FM shows.

Then, we found a beautiful human named Brett, AKA Djedi, and the 3 of us all have different strengths that support each other.

It’s kind of a perfect storm.”

– M!NGO, via MendoWerks. 2022.
press photo of M!NGO

As told by Fyoomz:

press photo of Fyoomz

“[According to Fyoomz], in the autumn of 2017, the stars aligned at a show in Oakland.

‘I was scheduled to go to Los Angeles for a work event,’ Fyoomz explained. ‘And I see that this random dude who keeps hitting me up for music is throwing a club night in Oakland two days after my work event is over. His lineup is Kareful, Brothel, Shanti, and himself, msomehow, B2B, another music friend, M!NGO.’

‘I immediately knew this was an event I had to attend, no question. So I got myself got a janky Amtrak ticket up to Oakland after my work event was over and organized to crash on a friend’s couch […] This random guy was Brett, and this was where I first met him.’

The show had some complications, but it was nothing short of magic.

‘At the end, one thing was obvious: there were incredible synergies with almost everyone there.’

After the show, everyone stayed in touch and eventually noticed a sort of void in the wave scene that needed to be filled. The solution? Recordings & Agency, of course.  

‘It happened organically,’ Fyoomz said. ‘We didn’t set out to start either, but [we] saw a void and got sucked in [and] filled it. started as a radio show and now is also a podcast, label, and agency.’”

-Fyoomz, via MendoWerks. 2021.

As told by Djedi:

“Wave music means so much to me, in a big way, because of the people behind it and how for so many years now. There’s this group of us who have bonded from all across the world, just through the internet, from our bedrooms, over this sound, that, for whatever reason, makes us feel so passionately about it–that, despite years of not gaining any attention, we continue to create it, and share it, and put it out there, in the hopes that people will feel something like what it means to us. […] in the States has started to make a name for itself with certain artists, and because of the shows we do, we’re just part of a bigger thing.

Me, M!NGO, and Fyoomz started together in 2018 after bonding continuously over how much [wave music] means to us and how it [didn’t] exist in the States. Nobody wanted to release certain [types] of music—or there was nobody to release that music.

So we said, ‘Fuck it, we’ll do it ourselves.’

And I had just brought deadcrow to the States for the first time and thought I would take on the live music aspect of the agency–Fyoomz focusing on the label side— and, M!NGO [as brand manager], kind of helping out wherever he can. And we all decide on the music that comes in– But, anyways, it’s been years since then.

And now we’re seeing this growth.

One thing that’s been special to me is that with each additional artist that I feel inspired by, I’ve come to find out that they’re all such real and special humans that I come to love as actual individuals–and not just because of their art. Add up, and all these people and the family continues to grow.”

– Djedi, via live interview. 2022.
press photo of Djedi

It’s easy to see why the vibe family keeps growing. But just a peek at their vast and inclusive podcast archive says more than words ever can. So, if you’re looking for more gl00my, try episode 076.

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