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We all have many artists that we love, but there are some that give us a feeling of joy that only they specifically can induce. For me, Seppa is one of those artists. When it was announced that he would be releasing a four-track EP at the end of October, my eyes expanded and my heart rate spiked. There is something about Seppa’s sound; the smooth, jazz-like features of his design; the crunchy, emphatic drums; the neuro soundscape. When you listen to a Seppa song, it is obvious that there is no replicating it, it is distinctly unique to him. I have the absolute pleasure to share my thoughts on the remarkable EP that is Meliora, a true masterpiece.

After giving us a taste of what he had been cooking up, Seppa caught us off-guard with the announcement of an upcoming EP.

It had been over a year since the massive release and accompanying livestream of Split, Seppa’s second full-length album. Out of the blue, he released a two-track EP, titled Boosted // Forked, a phenomenal display of his abilities. That alone was enough to hold onto for all of 2021. But on September 23rd, Seppa announced a forthcoming EP.

The excitement started to build. We really were getting a new Seppa EP, and it has lived up to all expectations.

The UK producer has delivered something special with the release of Meliora.

© Sarah Koury / KoLAB Studios

This EP has all of the elements we have come to know and love with Seppa. It has moments of serene beauty, peaceful introductions, and smooth melodies. Meanwhile, we still get the frantic drops, vibration-inducing bass, and jaw-dropping sound design. The first track, “Imber,” basically exemplifies all of these elements. The song starts off as tranquil as could be. A beautiful sample crafted into a calming, gentle journey of what is to come. In an instant, the track explodes into chaos. A combination of footwork, intertwined with elements of drum and bass make this one a true melter. The consistent bassline throughout with the sprinkle of smooth jazz makes for the perfectly elaborate and enjoyable track.

Seppa’s second song off of Meliora provides a completely different feel. He draws us in with a looming ominous introduction, before descending into a whopper of a drop. “Jaque” feels more like a classic Seppa tune. It is amazing how much attention to detail there is in every noise. The bass itself seems to transform as the song progresses. Listening to this on Apple headphones, I yearn for the day I get to hear this on a good sound system.

The second half of the four song EP ends with a massive finish.

Apricus” is the third gem out of four. Seppa aims more for a chilled-out style on this one. The introduction includes the sounds of chimes clanging, as well as what seems to be a saxophone, that eventually morphs into the melody. It then breaks down into classic halftime downtempo. Nearly two minutes in, things start to pick up. The calmed beat begins to take on a different, more aggressive life as a crisp set of drums underscores a cool rhythm. This one makes you feel as if you’re lurking deviously around the local coffee shop.

The closeout track, “Vermix“, leaves us fully satisfied, as Seppa clearly held nothing back on this one. This track is simply a wild dancefloor tune. It begins with a high-pitched introduction that carries over into an intense drop. As is the same with every tune, the bass is noticeably powerful. That power really shines later into the drop, as the low-end takes over. Here, Seppa really flexes his classic, heavyweight sound that we know and love. It is the perfect way to close out this fantastic EP.

So, what’s next for Seppa?

Meliora is a Latin word, meaning “the pursuit of something better,” a feeling that a lot of us can relate to currently. This is another reminder of how special music can be sometimes, and how it can be crucial in that pursuit. Sometimes we feel low and uninspired, and something as simple as listening to your favorite song can give us the motivation to keep going. Meliora, with its beauty and complexities, does that well.

Meanwhile, Seppa is on the pursuit. He recently announced a small tour in the United States and, well… Excited is an understatement. Promoters, if you haven’t already, get him in your city. Which stop will you be catching Seppa on?

Furthermore, the UK-based artist will be doing a full EP viewing on his YouTube channel, this Sunday (10/24), with visuals from Laia and the great Tenorless. It will be happening at 3:00 PM EST. You definitely don’t want to miss this.

Listen to Meliora, out now on Bandcamp:

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