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Listen up Cyclops Army! Subtronics just announced his official partnership with Twitch through CyclopsArmyTV! This means more never before seen, exclusive content from the king himself to help elevate the artist-to-fan experience.

We’re only two months into 2021 and Subtronics is already coming in hot.

After the launch of his label, Cyclops Recordings, at the end of 2020 and multiple releases in the book, Jesse continues to set the bar higher for himself.

With Cyclops Army over 40,000 deep on Facebook, the only thing left to do is continue building a stronger fan-to-artist relationship than the one that already exists. Subtronics already stays consistent with streams, but expect to see more into the life and land of Jesse Kardon. Of course, you can expect the typical demo streams and sets, but keep an eye out for extreme amounts of unreleased music, dogs, dad jokes, special guests, AND SO MUCH MORE.

“Twitch is the easiest, most direct way to talk with my fans in real time. I love sharing my process and thoughts in regards to both music and life, so just having an audience of people who care to hang out virtually and listen to my silly rants is truly awesome and appreciated. I’ve also found a good bit of talent through Twitch chat rooms and other various dubstep streams on there. It has helped me scout talent and make friends, but most importantly of all, Twitch has helped me stay inspired.”

Jesse Kardon (Subtronics)

Keep an eye out for weekly content coming from CyclopsArmyTV as well as tons of upcoming releases, compilations, and highly anticipated collabs!

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