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Frank Zummo and Elephants Everywhere released a new EP, Strangers, on Welcome Records on June 2nd. Frank Zummo calls this his passion project and taps into his musical background to defy the norms and create a truly epic EP. He has previously worked with artists like Wooli and Kazyo, bringing an electrifying element to all his collaborations. Likewise, Elephants Everywhere have a signature melodic sound that can bring energy to any room, which is clear in this EP. Featuring vocalists Tiger Darrow and Titus, Strangers is truly a masterpiece, showing raw and real emotion.

Frank Zummo x Elephants Everywhere Strangers EP Cover art

“This project has been a labor of love for me. I’ve always been inspired by electronic music, and I wanted to create something that merges that with my rock background. I’m thrilled to share these tracks with the world and can’t wait for people to hear them.”

– Frank Zummo

Do you know someone that has turned into a Stranger?

“Strangers” features Tiger Darrow, entering with her fierce voice almost immediately. This track has deep layers, starting with powerful vocals and humming tunes of the instruments. Then, the chorus transports us even deeper. We all can relate to this track: someone you knew, like the back of your hand, turning into a stranger.

“Time will make some pretty scars, reminding me of who you are.”

This track sends a very relatable message. But in addition, we can tell Frank Zummo and Elephants Everywhere had created a transcendently impressive song that transports us back to when someone we knew became a stranger.

Turn over the Hourglass.

“Hourglass” emphasizes Frank Zummo’s drumming and love for pop-punk. Titus‘ voice rings true to the punk-rock music we all know and love. It works in tandem with the drums that Frank Zummo has perfected. Overall, this one is deep and painful. He wrote this song after his mom passed away, leaving him feeling empty and confused.

“At the time, my mom had just passed away, and I didn’t know how to deal with losing her so quickly. Lyrics like ‘watching you go, as I’m standing here alone… And I’m screaming on the inside of my soul,’ describes the resentment I [felt] for the world and how helpless it made me feel.”

– Frank Zummo

Once again, this track is hauntingly relatable. If you’ve lost someone without any answers, this sums up the feeling of confusion, sadness, and anger all in one. It takes us through Frank Zummo’s experience of dealing with grief while he successfully put it all into words and musical elements.

What emotions did this EP bring up for you?

As mentioned before, music has an incredible power that can take us back to a time in our life that held a lot of emotion – good or bad. Frank Zummo channeled many emotions into creating Strangers and has done so successfully. There’s something extra special about creating relatable tracks that can not only help people feel but heal. We know writing about such deep feelings must be hard, but we thank Frank Zummo and Elephants Everywhere for navigating these feelings to produce such special tracks.

Listen to Strangers by Frank Zummo & Elephants Everywhere now!

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