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Once again, our favorite duo EAZYBAKED has exceeded our expectations with their latest Deadbeats release, Rotations. This four-track EP is a tribute to their versatility and shows off the hard work these two continuously put into their craft. The Florida-based besties have quickly become one of the most innovative and exciting duos as they push the boundaries of all electronic subgenres. On top of that, it’s been one of their busiest summers to date, with multiple festival appearances coming up at Electric Forest, Dancefestopia, Submersion, and more. The Lost Dogz are taking over!

“This EP, in part, represents the rotations of life and how each day brings its own set of challenges and opportunities… We put our entire being into these tracks and pushed ourselves to level up our mix-downs/songwriting abilities. We’re incredibly excited to release Rotations on Deadbeats, and we’re proud of the end result!”


This marks EAZYBAKED’s first big release of the year, and they set the bar high.

EAZYBAKED press photo
Photo credit: @viewsfromthechach

Rotations has a little bit of everything for everyone.

The first track, “BOOM, creeps in with a slow, mysterious rumble. The drippy accents are the perfect addition to the bass-heavy melody. It’s gritty but eclectic and proves Eric and Andrew’s creativity. After that is “Stomper, a dancefloor anthem featuring the effervescent Wreckno; its had us in a chokehold since its early release! The groovy tempo is irresistible, while Wreckno’s lyrics add an extra level of sass. Altogether, this tune is a catchy, experimental banger.

“stay inspired”

Thirdly “Expectations” is where their originality really comes to life. The heartening introduction is especially notable as it reminds listeners to “stay inspired.” Then, suddenly, the upbeat rhythm breaks loose, compelling you to dance along. However, as soon as we get comfortable, an unexpected tempo change takes us by surprise. Fast beats become a sensual growl; it’s definitely a personal favorite.

Lastly is “Diamonds, and it embodies that classic EAZYBAKED bounce. Without hesitation, the hefty knocks thrash along to create a fun, wiggly pattern. Again, this pair does so well with subtle notes and tones to spruce up any melody.

EAZYBAKED Rotations EP cover art

Without a doubt, EAZYBAKED has exponentially grown over the years, yet there’s still much more to come! For example, they’ve begun releasing more often under their side project, ‘the bakers,’ so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, the Rotations EP is just the start of debuting their wild ideas; check it out!

Listen to the Rotations EP by EAZYBAKED below!

Cover Image Credits: @viewsfromthechach

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