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The Spicy Bois released a five track EP right before Wakaan… but they don’t even have a laptop? A quite perplexing message seeing as they produce some of the best music out right now. How do they do it? I had to do my own investigating on the subject. Whilst in attendance at the enormous Spicy Bois Takeover at the legendary Wakaan Music Festival, I came to realize that this much was true.

I was contemplating why this was for the entirety of their five hour spread of performances. How are they even DJ-ing without any laptops up there on stage? Is everything I once knew to be true about the bois now incorrect?

If you’re wondering where this is going, the name of the EP was derived from a fan comment on the Spicy Bois Sunday Swerve Takeover a few weeks back. This fan questioned how they were even managing to DJ without any laptops… genius if I do say so myself. Coming off their last album, Floppi Disk, this EP sets the same heavy hitting, spicy standard.

they don't even have a laptop
Captured by braxxphotography

Two absolute madmen coming together on their first collab, MeSo and smith. went absolutely bonkers on this track. HiFi comes in with the jaw clenching, ominous bass and whether you are prepared or not, you are quickly sucked in to the low frequencies before your soul is completely snatched. “FUCK!” Pretty much sums it up for this track as the sample would suggest. Try and not have this track on repeat, I dare you.

Our mlotik bois surely didn’t give you much time to recover while giving this EP a listen. Always bringing the heat on their tracks, this one gives off some serious K.L.O. vibes. They start the song off with some beats that make you feel as if you just found yourself in the midst of an ancient tribal ritual. Whether you want to get lost in the layers of this song or focus on the impossibly groovy beat, BoJenkins is sure to have you feeling yourself.

Spicy Bois fans can be on the lookout for yet another dish come Halloween. We expect nothing less than stupid gas to be igniting our ears and keeping us warm on the spookiest, and now spiciest night of the year.

Listen to ‘They don’t even have a laptop’ below.

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