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Slang Dogs unleash another disgusting yet beautiful piece of art called “Infect.” This jam is an experimental bass creation that takes you on an adventure through a haunted tunnel or cave, it’s a very creepy tune. This song almost feels timely as it’s currently spooky season. (If you’re reading this article at any point in time besides October, bookmark this page, set a reminder on October 1st and open this article and play the song.)

You know what time it is? It’s time to get infected.

Right off the bat, you can feel goosebumps on your skin as the song plays. The rise also creeps up on you, with the drop ready to stab you in the back like an imposter in Among Us. But homie, when that whisper of “Infect” you hits the eardrums, you basically fall into a pit of darkness and bass. The atmosphere and the snares are the real standouts in the drops. Include a hypnotic bass that purrs through the speakers.. OOF. The vibes of this are like being in a cave with the echoes of the song shrouding you. Actually no, there aren’t vibes in this tune, just dark thoughts. But seriously though, “Infect” should be the score of a horror film.

The Slang Dogs killed “Infect.” But you should also know that the dawgs can flex their wide musical noggin, because experimental bass ain’t the only genre they whipping up. Do you want the Drum and Bass? Here you go. What’s up? You want freeform bass? Take this. Ahh, you’re looking for some classic dub too, have at it.

No matter what the Slang Dogs produce, they produce straight GOLD. And that is facts (according to @shertel__ from Twitter. If you disagree, I’ll see you in the DM’s.)

Listen to Infect:

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