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Skysia and Equanimous come together on their collaborative Ocean EP. Inspired by the ocean and the element of water, this EP features a plethora of atmospheric, hypnotic, and harmonious soundscapes created from live recordings and instrumentation. Spanning six tracks, we are taken on an organic, downtempo listening experience. From ethereal to self-reflective to uptempo and inspiring, this EP spans all moods and mindsets.

Immense yet airy soundscape swells paired with mbira pricks, assemble to create a truly magical first track in “Compass.” Ethereal vocals partnered with echoing guitar riffs design a magical soundscape that will have you flying in your seat. “Drifting” transports us to a place of solstice with its use of handpans, guitar, and light beatboxing. If there’s a song that sounds like napping on a beach, it’s this one.

States of Bliss

Taking the listener into a reflective state with its implementation of singing bowls and sound clips about vulnerability, “Firefly” serves as the perfect guide to self-reflection. Spoken word by Alyson Amrita goes as follows:

“I think a lot of it comes down to vulnerability. Being really clear about who you are, what you need, what your boundaries are. I think I show my vulnerability by first getting to know myself, and then I think it comes from watching the ones around me and how others interact. And just becoming aware.”

Emotive atmospheres swell, slowly rocking the listener into a state of bliss. The pace of the track continuously picks up before a nature-inspired audio atmosphere brings us to a close.

“Lapis Waters” is the perfect blend of both artist’s sounds. Bringing expansive atmospheres to life with handpan, wind instruments, and world vocals, “Lapis Waters” is the epitome of the theme of this EP.

Accented by a delicate string quartet, “Lay Me Down” featuring Sommer Love provides the perfect score for the journey into yourself. Comforting motifs float into an ending string movement, bringing us to a heavenly listening space.

Finally, “Eclipse” sweeps us up in its heavenly vocals and light and airy piano, rounding out the theme of the EP. It’s cohesive in its production, bringing the EP to a euphonious close.

The journey through water represents the journey through emotions and flow state. We aimed to create that vibe while still making sure the tracks stay relevant on the dance floor.

Skysia & Equanimous

Listen to Skysia & Equanimmous’ Ocean EP:

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