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Shallou recently released his new album, In Touch, on October 26th with Fader Management. This is LA-based producer Joe Boston’s second album following Magical Thinking. With a unique sound, Shallou has carved a niche in the Indie and Electronic music scenes, and Shallou himself has said his music has the ability to wrap his listeners in a warm blanket and other times invoke deep emotions.

Shallou press photo
Shallou taken by Michael Drummond

These 12 tracks fully capture Shallou’s musical style: chill, captivating, and, most of all, ethereal. He released three singles before releasing the full album, “Mysoul“, “Losing Focus,” and “Tonight (feat. syd B.)” to introduce this powerful album to listeners. Shallou shared that the meaning behind the name of this album comes from his understanding of the importance of being in touch with the people around him.

Now that Shallou has provided a bit of background about In Touch, let’s dig in.

Glimmer” sets the stage for what’s to come. It’s glittery and sweet with a hint of calm. The piano in this track enters softly, wading through the beat and forcing us to listen and pay attention. The vocals in the background, along with the various elements in “Glimmer,” remind us of Shallou’s signature sound. As the piano and song fade out, the vocals in “Losing Focus” grab our attention immediately. Sticking to familiarity, the rhythm is enchanting – reminding us why we love Shallou.

Entering immediately in “There’s Another Life 4 U” is a consistent piano rhythm. At just the right pace, it leads us into the beat while Shallou’s vocals carry us to the end of the track. “Not There” is gentle and warm. This track might be one that you turn on when you’re driving in the rain while it’s still sunny. The low notes of the beat and high-pitched vocals create a perfectly contrasted environment – exactly like your sunny and rainy drive. Everything about this is glittery and mystical.

Shallou’s emotions come through quickly in “Without You (feat. Origami Human).” This seems to play into the name of the album – sharing almost immediately in the track, “I feel lost without you.” The vocals echo in and out, almost like when something plays in your head over and over again… Origami Human’s voice is strong but not overpowering.

Closing out this beautiful album is “In Touch.” It starts with a phone conversation of two people catching up, and the piano guides us into the chorus. The melody here is magical, and it brings us to the chorus. A deeper version of Shallou’s vocals cut through with a sense of yearning and want, speaking to a deep, sincere relationship.

Sit back and listen to the rest of In Touch now!

Let’s check in.

Shallou ended this album with the sounds of the one thing he loves the most: nature. As mentioned in the album trailer, he wants to combat climate change and help people connect to nature through his visuals at the shows he plays. Speaking of shows, Shallou is currently on tour promoting this new album. Check to see if he’s coming to a venue near you, and take in the beauty of his music in its entirety.

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