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Shallou released his first full length album Magical Thinking today via Island Records. Joe Boston, AKA Shallou, cultivates a beautiful electronic pop sound that has matured and developed immensely since Souls in 2018.

Magical Thinking boasts a great list of collaborators: The Knocks, Ashe, Daya, and more. As a result, the quality of musicianship and the broad reach of genres expands vastly. In just 38 minutes, Shallou blesses our ears with indie electronica, electronic pop, future bass, and chillwave, just to name a few. The 12-track album was also preceded by a solid pack of singles. “Fading,” “Forget,” “Older,” “Mutual Love,” and title track “Magical Thinking” each saw their release as early as January 2020. 

The album in its entirety tells a beautiful story of the changing of seasons:

With this record I was seeking to expand my sound beyond the tropical beaches and into more intimate moments. The album showcases my singing voice much more, my penchant for string quartet compositions and some introspective lyrics longing for companionship and to hold on to something eternal. When I first started writing, I centered the album around memory loss and the fear of losing the things closest to us…but as the writing process drew on and the album started to take shape, I felt like the seasons were a good metaphor for the entire body of work. We will inevitably go through changes in life but it’s still okay to mourn the past.

Joe Boston, AKA Shallou

Boston opens the album with “Forget,” an ethereal introduction to nearly 40 minutes of beauty that lies ahead. “Mutual Love” follows, a euphoric song about loving and feeling love in return. “Silhouette” features more of Shallou’s signature sound, and blending seamlessly into “Try – Interlude.” This quick track includes an inspiring message of moving with change. It sincerely brought us to tears.

Other personal favorites from Magical Thinking include “Technicolor Wave,” which exemplifies the composition and songwriting talent of Boston; “Fading,” with its danceable beat; and “Older,” which speaks directly to our souls.

In preparation for Magical Thinking, Shallou recently created a Magical Mix, which debuted on SiriusXM Chill.

We love it when our favorite producers are also good humans.

One of our favorite things about Shallou is his commitment to the health of our planet. By donating to the Environmental Defense Fund on his website, you get a free digital download of his EP, “All Becomes Okay.”

Take 40 minutes out of your day and immerse yourself in the beauty that is Magical Thinking by Shallou:

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