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It’s that time of year again! Next month, we’ll be back at the Lakehurst Event Center for two days of festivities. With an even better lineup than last year and two banging sound systems, the seventh annual Lunar Tide will be a big family reunion.

Meet the team(s) behind the Lunar Tide Music & Arts Festival:

NSW Presents is the birthchild of Notion Presents and SwampWoofer, merging to extend their roots in the underground culture. Based in Chicago, NSW Presents strives to provide authentic sound system experiences while uplifting the community.

Their crew is small but mighty and is infamous for showcasing the best up-and-coming artists. For example, they put on monthly Sound Test Thursdays that feature local talent for free! Above all, NSW Presents is a group of passionate individuals throwing cool curated shows.

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In fact, these events get better year after year, and Lunar Tide is proof. Soon, attendees nationwide will reunite on the dancefloor. The Lakehurst Event Center transforms into a melting pot of cultures, flow arts, and personalities.

  • Lunar Tide 2023
  • Lunar Tide 2023
  • Lunar Tide 2023
  • LT 2023
  • LT 2023
  • LT 2023

An awe-inspiring atmosphere with a lineup to match!

Both Friday and Saturday will be stacked with amazing artists split between two complex stages. The Solar Stage will be rigged with the Element 5 sound system, so don’t forget those earplugs! Catch artists like Hamdi, Epoch, and COPYCATT upstairs showing out on the E5s. On the other hand, the Lunar Stage will exhibit Ternion Sound, Alix Perez, and The Widdler on the hefty HSD speakers provided by Ronin Productions.

The diversity of this lineup is chef’s kiss. From talented drum and bass artists such as Bou and Prosper. to the eclectic style of Saka and Thought Process, there’s a little bit of everything. We’re also looking forward to the legendary headliners SHADES and Of The Trees.

All in all, Lunar Tide 2023 is going to be one hell of a weekend… as always! So, grab your homies, buy those tickets, and we’ll see you in two weeks.

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Buy your tickets to Lunar Tide 2023 here!

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