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Hotel Garuda’s original emotional and dreamy tune transforms into club-ready luscious beats, and we have none other than bad tuner to thank for it. The remix of “Mutual” is out now via Mom + Pop Records.

Jozef Sergei Dimitrov, better known as bad tuner, first took the dance world by storm in 2018. Immediately he captured the attention of the underground house community. But by 2019, he was headlining major tours along with names like Beacon and TOKiMONSTA. He also continues to make waves by pushing out powerhouse tunes like this “Mutual” remix.

Remixing is a unique opportunity to reinterpret the ideas and sounds of another artist. It is the creative license to pick and choose your favorite parts of a song and rework them in your style.

bad tuner via Twitter

bad tuner pretty much nailed it with this remix. Layers of velvety vocals, crisp percussions, and a pounding beat are sprinkled on top of a synth so clean it should definitely be illegal. Successfully delivering an irresistible sound that will captivate any listener. Be careful, though. This remix may cause an increase in body temperature as well as an uncontrollable movement of one’s feet.

At last, stream bad tuner’s remix of “Mutual” below!

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