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The Virtual Voyager has blessed us with his first 5-track EP, Seraph. Seattle based KIBA, impresses with his future-bass melodies and house inspired kicks, making for an uplifting and emotional listen.

For the uninitiated, KIBA has been on the scene since 2018 and his disco is more than worth taking a look at. Some highlights include his Kingdom Hearts bootleg of “Sanctuary” and his deep-house track “Space Cadet“. Point being, this man has RANGE and that’s never been more clear than with his new EP.

I listen to and get inspired by a lot of different genres. Wave music is up there as one of my top influences…In my previous projects before KIBA, I produced a lot of Minimal Techno/House, so I think parts of those genres have just become embedded in my production style. That’s pretty much where ‘Akari’ stems from.


Seraph Track List

  1. Seraph
  2. Akari
  3. You Got Me
  4. Sapphire Skies
  5. Save Me (ft. Katie Carlene)

Title track “Seraph”, kicks the show off with an intense atmospheric vibe and sets a nice contrast with the rest of the EP’s more euphoric tone. The crowd favorite “You Got Me” follows “Akari”, and hits hard with heavy drops and buzzing melodies that can’t help but make you smile while you listen.

A favorite here at Electric Hawk is “Save Me” featuring Katie Carlene and honestly reminds us some of Illenium. That said, this track deserves more praise than I can give in this piece so check out our deep dive and it’s visualizer by Tiago Marinho:

KIBA lives up to his Virtual Voyager moniker with Seraph and puts on full display his unique take on a myriad of electronic sounds. Floating pads, punchy snares, and bass dripping with reverb are all part of the repertoire here. And used to great effect. But let’s be honest, words on a page won’t do this project justice. So go listen to the full EP now!

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