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Time to witness a slice of serenity through the two production prodigies, Glitchedout and vori, along with the sensational vocalist, CARLIE. On March 25th, they unveiled their shimmering collaboration, “One of a Kind,” through TXTR Records. The massive talent expands across the globe from India to the UK, revealing a trascending track that lingers with you into your daily lives. The trio showcases each of their glorifying skills to remind us that we are truly “One of a Kind.”

Glitchedout, vori. CARLIE - One of a Kind artwork

Never forget you’re “One of a Kind” thanks to Glitchedout, vori. and CARLIE

Immediately, we are transcending through the mystical and spellbinding atmosphere that the trio decorates for us. Through the glittering and cinematic introduction, we are welcomed by the divine vocals from CARLIE into our surroundings. Naturally, CARLIE’s vocals bring that sense of safety as she navigates us through the mystifying aura. Then, we are allured by the fluttering synths and impactful bassline that mesmerize us into a longing trance. Glitchedout and vori. elevate us through their massive production, as they paint us in cosmic and metallic tones. Soon, the floor and ceiling are glistening with the radiant glow that shines from the trio. All the while, we are unable to stop celebrating the newfound confidence we obtain from the beaming drops. Furthermore, the trio delivers an addicting track and only will stick around as you wander through this world.

In this track, CARLIE smashes the expectations of boundaries of what she is capable of. Truly, a “one-of-a-kind” artist that elevates any track that she lays her talent on. The production from both Glitchedout and vori. compliment each other and offer a pleasurable experience. For a quick moment, the trio shows us the magical truth of all the beauty surrounding us and within us. In the end, the track relinquishes all self-doubt and worry that we are not truly special, but only reminds us how extraordinary we actually are. Nonetheless, if you are searching for that rarity track that will enchant your everyday life, then “One of a Kind” is the track that entrances you under a spell.

Remind yourself always that you are “One of a Kind” below!

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