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Surprise! We’re here to present an exclusive premiere of “RUN IT” by the boys, Mikayli and Rafeeki. These prominent east coast producers have teamed up once again to create a melodic, message-driven tune.

Due to their connections to the DubDay community in NYC, this dynamic duo quickly grew close. Mikayli has spent the past few years making waves in New York’s local underground scene. His dedication to his craft and experimenting with mixing and mastering has undoubtedly made him a force to be reckoned with. Likewise, Rafeeki’s ability to create appealing and respectful atmospheres within the music scene is admirable. While pushing the norms of bass music, he’s gained support from notable artists such as Ternion Sound, MYTHM, and others! All in all, their eccentric styles have blended perfectly for one heck of a song.

Mikayli press photo
Mikayli, taken by: @haljahrmarkt
Rafeeki press photo
Rafeeki, taken by: @mcjumanji

The only good system is a sound system.

“RUN IT” begins with a slow and eerie introduction. Our anticipation for the drop builds while the tempo becomes faster and faster. All of a sudden, the deep bassline and fluttering accents take over! The smooth transition from sensual to wild and gritty is not only effortless but also captivating. This is the type of track to make you bust out the gun fingers almost immediately!

Mikayli & Rafeeki with others at a music festival
Photo by:

Will there be other collaborations between Mikayli and Rafeeki? Who knows, but until then, we’ll have “RUN IT” on repeat!

Enjoy an exclusive listen to “RUN IT” by Mikayli & Rafeeki below!

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