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MYTHM’s Technique EP collapses all bass music boundaries and ensures us he is not stopping any time soon. The man of the hour in the underground bass scene is shaking up everything we thought we knew about 140 BPM.

The Vancouver based artist has moved heavyweight and is showing the electronic music scene a new take on bass music. With his diversity, MYTHM also has mad consistency. Technique is not only his fifth EP of the year but the fourth consecutive month after month. The EPs released in 2021 feature some other big names in the underground scene including Chrizpy Criz and Matheny. Now, the Technique EP is released on the prestigious UK label, Artikal Music UK, and it’s absolute insanity.

mythm technique EP
MYTHM ‘Technique’ EP Cover Art

Now let’s talk the ‘Technique’ EP.

First off, in the words of all that is holy, this EP is the holy trinity and some. All four tracks have something different to offer and take you through an eerie underground bass journey. Just in time for spooky season, these tracks will send a chill up your spine. First, “Technique” provides us slow and steady synths followed by some heavy drilled bass and definitely sets the tone for the entire EP. Then, “Vex” incorporates a range of reggae bass and intense snares. You think you know what’s coming next in this track, but it keeps you on your toes the whole way through. Thirdly, “Run Up” makes us feel bouncy, yet want to get low on the floor. The range is, quite frankly, there. Last but not least, “Watch Out” closes the EP with the incorporation of hip-hop type beats and deep dirty bass. The entire EP sends you through a cataclysmic sonic bass adventure and it’s shocking everyone.

This is a major milestone for me. Absolute legends have released on this label, so it is truly an honour to be apart of it.

MYTHM on ‘Technique’

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to dropping new music, MYTHM will be kicking off his first U.S. tour one week from today! The first stop will be in Orlando, FL on October 15th and we cannot wait to see the result. Find the city nearest to you below, we promise you will not want to miss out.

Prepare for this spooky season and listen to the ‘Technique’ EP below!

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