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Rezi just never stops. Having released “Cry for You” and “Wannabe” on Electric Hawk Records already this year, what more could he do? Turns out, a lot more. “Rewind” is the most recent single off of Rezi’s upcoming EP coming to Electric Hawk Records later this month, and it’s a banger if I’ve ever heard one.

In “Rewind”, Rezi brings the listener in for a roller coaster full of deep and cutting wubs and bouncing vocals. The track starts opens with some light glitchy soundscapes before the first drop comes out swinging and lets up for a moment before punching our eardrums (delightfully) yet again. Choppy synths and rap vocals add a trap element to the track, and who doesn’t love trap?

All these elements have us dreaming of listening to this track over loud speakers at a festival, so please wear your mask so I can get back to doing that ASAP.

Listen to “Rewind” here:

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