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WARNING: Hot Bass Ahead! STVSH and BREWZR did it again with their single, “W.Y.H.A.” The two experimental bass artists aren’t playing games. And with the premiere of their new collab, “W.Y.H.A,” they deliver some serious sound.

W.Y.H.A. stands for the booming vocal sample used chanting “Where’s your head at?” throughout the track. In the intro, the vocals are warped and manipulated. Sound begins to ascend louder, but in a foggy way, like hearing sound while swimming closer to the surface from under the water. The use of space before the drop really builds the anticipation, while the listener is the engrossed in deep, dark bass. On the break and into the drop, they use heavy elements of trap and experimental sound to really get it poppin’.

The core drop only gets hotter when adding some gritty synths, bouncy vocals, and a clever use of drum samples. Oh, and of course you can’t have a banger without the occasional laser – pew pew.

“W.Y.H.A.” have you bopping booty around the house or your money back guaranteed.

Listen to the premiere of “W.Y.H.A.” by STVSH and BREWZR here:

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