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It’s always a delight when we can indulge in something so sweet from Zingara, like her newest single “Space Candy” featuring Jessica Chertock, released on September 13th. Never a dull time to take a pit stop and enjoy the delicacies of space and bass with Zingara. Even when soaring through different dimensions, we are bound to have craving for some Space Candy during our journey. And Zingara is ready to share whatever confections she has in her bag with her audience!

Zingara - Space Candy Artwork

“’Space Candy’ is one of my favorite tracks I have made! Jessica hit me up to work together and I was absolutely blown away with her talent and the lyrics could not be more perfect with my style! I wanted to make something fun and groovy and I am so happy with the way it came out!”


Zingara shares something sweet for your intergalactic journey!

Zingara Space Candy
Photo Credit: FELICIA

Immediately we are brought into this galactic candy store, wandering through the vibrant array of delectable sweets. The whimsical vocals from Jessica Chertock gives us a playful environment to frolic through the store. While we scan through the different kinds of flavors, it’s not a true candy store experience if we don’t have a little sample. We stop and pick out one to try, mouth open and ready feel the rush of flavors. Now, our mouths fill with the sonic blasts and electric zest that are all apart of Zingara’s special galaxy recipe. The flavorful aura surrounds us as the tingles inside our bodies fill with cosmos and essences of different universes. Zingara infuses our taste buds with extracts from her kaleidoscopic travels.

Naturally, Zingara brings us a jubilant track to wander through our every day lives with. She gives us a different perspective of enjoying the life’s simplicities, reminiscing back to those joyful moments like a kid in a candy store. With the amusing vocals from Jessica Chertock combining with Zingara’s luscious and out-of-this-world bass elements, they both gives us a savory track. “Space Candy” fulfills that sweet-tooth our cravings are desiring. And luckily, in Zingara’s dimension, there is no such thing as cavities to worry about. This time, it’s okay to load up our goodie bags with space candy for our intergalactic journey ahead of us.

Crossing through different dimensions with no signs of stopping!

Without a doubt, the uprising bass producer has had a very packed first half of the year! But this time, it’s her turn to take the realm. Recently, announcing her first ever 20-show run of festivals and headlining shows around the US called The Astra Tour. Whether witnessing her in a huge environment like WAKAAN Music Festival, Hulaween, or Space Camp, or a more intimate environment like in Denver, Chicago, or Detroit – Zingara is sure to take into the Astra realm with her celestial soundscapes. The producer is ready to close out the year in style, while hyper-speeding through the different nebulas and galaxies. Zingara is officially a household name you don’t want to miss out on! In fact, we hope to catch you at one of her sets this fall and winter!

Have a sweet treat with Zingara and listen to “Space Candy” below!

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